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Why is Emma Stone Sorry for Aloha at Golden Globes 2019?

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It seems like Emma Stone is really not proud of her role in Aloha. In that particular 2015 romantic comedy, Stone plays Allison Ng, a woman of Hawaiian and Chinese heritage. But the actress has continually said sorry for appearing that way in the film. During the Golden Globes 2019 ceremony, once again Emma yelled out her apology. As Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh hosted the show during the opening ceremony, Oh joked about the whitewashing in Hollywood. And while doing so, she referred to how Crazy Rich Asians was the first studio film with an actual Asian-American lead since Ghost in the Shell and Aloha, the audience might have laughed. But Stone yelled out that she was sorry. And her apology was duly acknowledged by Sandra on stage. Even though there was no camera on Stone at that time, she confirmed it herself later.

Why is Emma Stone Still Saying Sorry for Aloha at Golden Globes 2019?

During the opening ceremony, while Sandra Oh took up the stage with co-host Andy Samberg, she took a few aims at the whitewashing present in Hollywood. She joked that,

Crazy Rich Asians is the first studio film with an Asian-American lead since the ‘Ghost in the Shell and Aloha’.

Sandra on stage briefly but graciously folded her hands over her heart after hearing the apology. While all this happened, the camera was not on Emma. But she later confirmed that she was the one who yelled sorry. And said that she didn’t plan it, but well she said it.

But have you wondered why Stone might be apologizing for her role in Aloha? The Golden Globes were not the first time when she did so. In 2015, when the movie came out, she told a media house that she had become the center for many jokes. And now she was realizing the magnitude of the problem of whitewashing. She added that this issue was more prevalent than ever now. In fact, not just Emma, but the director for Aloha also said sorry for casting the actress in that role. And admitted that it was a misguided casting choice.

Apart from Emma Stone, Scarlett Johansson has also said sorry for playing another role in ‘Ghost in the Shell and Aloha’.

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