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Melissa McCarthy Steals the Show at Golden Globes 2019 With her Snacks

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Once again, Melissa McCarthy has proved that she is the funniest woman alive in Hollywood. And while the hall for Golden Globes 2019 was filled with more than a hundred people in attendance, she pulled off another hilarious stunt. The nominee for  Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for Can You Ever Forgive Me? actually handed out ham sandwiches during the ceremony to other attendees. And well, this did get her a shout-out from Olivia Colman while she received her own award. Although it’s not clear who received a sandwich, we do know that she distributed 28 considering she kept one for herself and her husband. Sneaking 30 ham and cheese sandwiches into one of the biggest nights of Hollywood seems challenging. But well, what a great idea to bring snacks for the 3 and a half hour long ceremony.

Why Melissa McCarthy Distributed Ham and Cheese Sandwiches During The Golden Globes Ceremony

What could be better than bringing your own private snacks at a Hollywood night? The Golden Globes 2019 just got so much better for many attendees because they had something to munch on while being seated there for more than 3 and a half hours. And well, the queen behind this genius idea was Melissa McCarthy. How could she manage to sneak in 30 ham and cheese sandwiches inside the hall is still a huge mystery to everybody. But why did she do it?

Her snacks came with a pretty practical reason. Melissa had attended Golden Globes previously as nominee for Best Actress for her role in Spy. And she has seen people getting restless with hunger while waiting for the lengthy ceremony to reach its climax. So, McCarthy was all set to save the evening this time with her ham and cheese sandwiches.

By the way, Melissa McCarthy might not have won the award. But she did get a shout-out for the sandwich from someone who did. During the acceptance speech for her Best Actress award, Olivia Colman thanked Melissa for the snack. And a lot many other stars who were lucky enough to receive one thanked her on Twitter later.

Looks like Melissa McCarthy stole the show, and she is definitely doing God’s work!

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