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More Footage On The Way For Spider-man Into The Spider-verse?

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It has only been a month since the release of Spider-man Into The Spider-verse and I have already watched the movie three times. Honestly speaking, I would not even mind a 4th viewing. The conceptual Stan Lee dare feature gets everything right with it nanosecond accuracy. Every visual gag and action sequence feels just as alive and jumpy. To sum up basically, it is the one animated movie that has been brewed to perfection. I can proudly call myself a Spider-man Into The Spider-verse fan and here I have a small piece of news that is indeed a reason to rejoice for our entire community. 10 additional minutes maybe on their way from the movie.

Spider-man Into The Spider-verse Director Reveals That Unused Footage Will Not Go Wasted

Movies often find a few scenes sectioned out owing to lengthy running time restrictions. Spider-man Into The Spider-verse director Bob Persichetti revealed that about ten minutes of fully animated film wound up on the cutting room floor. These instances of scene deduction are not very common in animated movies. One reason for this is that shooting a certain scene requires a sound creative and financial investment and it is only of great loss if a production company cancels a particular scene.

The Director say,
“A rare thing for an animated film is that there’s animation on the cutting room floor. There’s about ten minutes of that from this movie, which is a really high number”.
He didn’t actually say those ten minutes will be on the actual forthcoming Blu-ray. Both time and money were involved in the filming of the 10 minute footage. It is; hence, inevitable that Sony word churn out some ways to cash on its investment.

But It Might Also Become A Part Of Future Sequels

There is also a possibility that Sony would incorporate these minutes into the forthcoming Spider-man Into The Spider-verse sequels. This can happen in a much similar way to how unused footage of Carrie Fisher from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi is being repurposed for Episode IX. One way or the other, we cannot wait to watch some more hilarious moments of Miles Morales and his spider gang soon.

The Entire Script Of Spider-man Into The Spider-verse Is Available Online For Free

Sony recently released the entire script of Spider-man into the Spider-verse online for free. The writing of Phil Lord and Rodney Rothman is now accessible. This is because Sony wants to demonstrate the efforts behind the development of a flawless animated feature.

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