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So, Ellen DeGeneres Wants Kevin Hart To Host The Oscars 2019

Change Of Hart, With A Heavy Hart

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If you think that this entire Oscars 2019 hosting drama was confusing enough we have a piece of news for you that will simply blow your minds. Comedian Kevin Hart is all set to appear On The Ellen DeGeneres Show coming Monday. So technically if we process this we basically have Ellen DeGeneres, a person who has received a Presidential Medal of Freedom for stepping out of the closet over two decades ago, interviewing Kevin Hart, a guy who had to step down his Oscars hosting duties because his old homophobic tweet resurfaced on the internet.

People generally have a lot if divided opinions about this strange interview. While some believe that aura on the Talk Show will be highly tense this Monday, others feel that they will finally have light moments after the drama around The Academy Awards 2019 hosting fiasco.

What? Ellen DeGeneres Wants Kevin Hart To Host The Oscars 2019

But with recent developments, we have discovered that Kevin Hart has effectively utilized the opportunity to rehabilitate his image. Kevin Hart had refused to take up the role of the Oscars 2019 host as the Academy was pushing him to apologize for his former social views again. Hart had already apologized for his past comments and had cleared the matter a long time ago. But with his past haunting him again, he refused to revisit the controversy and silently walked out of his anchoring role.

And just when people thought that Ellen call him out to roast him for his former social views, she has chosen to be the bigger, wiser and the more mature person. Ellen DeGeneres have consulted the Academy to reconsider Hart as their presenter. Yes, you heard it right.

There is no mistake if people admit that their former claims hinged from a less informed position. And this was exactly everything that the talk show was about. In his 2 hour long conversation with Ellen DeGeneres Kevin Hart apologized for being wrong in his earlier days. Subsequently, he was able to earn the support of one of the most strongest people from the LGBTQ community.

Ellen DeGeneres did not; however, wind up her dialogue with Hart with a discussion about his homophobic jokes. In fact she even opened the idea of Hart rejoining the Oscars 2019 as its host. According to her, if Hart doesn’t host the Oscars, “they win,” and “who knows who these people are, and who cares.” This strikes an obvious chord with Hart, who got animated as he emphasized that “it wasn’t a coincidence” that the backlash came the morning after he got the job. “Someone has to take a stand,” Hart said, against the faceless people who just wanted to launch “an attack to end me.”

But Kevin Hart Had Just Clarified That He Won’t Host The Oscars 2019

There is; however, a significant problem. In an interview with Variety, just before the talk show, Kevin Hart had expressed that he would not like to host the Oscars again.

“Would I ever do it? No, it’s done. It’s done. The moment came and it was a blessing and I was excited at the opportunity and I still am. In my mind I got the job, it was a dream job, and things came up that simply prohibited it from happening. But I don’t believe in going backwards.”

In his dialogue with Ellen DeGeneres he did seem to turn down to the idea of hosting the Oscars 2019 again. Ellen DeGeneres also revealed that the representative of the Academy had expressed that the Academy admits miscommunication from its side. She also added that Academy was willing to see Kevin Hart anchor their upcoming ceremony.

Ellen DeGeneres Receives Massive Backlash Over Support For Kevin Hart

While this entire conversation intended to wrap up the drama in a mature and practical way, the backlash around Aleem attitude towards Kevin Hart hence that DeGeneres has only further ignited the controversy.

Unfortunately the noble move by Ellen DeGeneres was devastatingly diminished by the intense fan reactions over the controversy. Ellen maintains a professional decorum and the forgiving soul chose to give Kevin Hart a second chance. Much in contrast to Ellen’s generous behavior, the community shows  radical behavior where people actually threatened to unfollow Ellen DeGeneres. We are still uncertain ask you if Kevin Hart would host the Oscars 2019, but It is utterly disappointing to see Ellen’s efforts go waste.

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