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Keemstar Comes After Superwoman Lilly Singh

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It seems like all your favorite YouTubers are always involved in some kind on online battle. And now, after accusing PewDiePie of copying, Keemstar seems to have come after Superwoman. Apparently, he slams Lilly Singh by calling her too plastic. And advised her to collaborate will smaller YouTubers for more views. But it seems like he is not the only person attacking Lilly, Previously, PewDiePie called her a crybaby after she criticized the list of richest YouTubers released by Forbes. This public lash out against Singh comes shortly after she returned back to the platform after taking a brief break to focus on her mental health. Looks like all this negativity against her from fellow YouTubers will certainly not help her mental and emotional strength.

DramaAlert Host Slams Lilly Singh For Becoming ‘Too Plastic’

The DramaAlert host recently took to Twitter to seemingly out of the blue attack the Indian-origin Canadian YouTuber. He accused her of trying too hard and becoming too plastic. But claimed that she could have gotten more views if she did 12 collaborations with smaller YouTubers. He also added that this was a common issue that they faced. And he gave similar advice to others in the circle who were going mainstream.

This comes shortly after Lilly Singh returned to the platform after taking a brief break for her mental health. Looks like the Superwoman had really exhausted her super powers as she had been doing YouTube consistently for the past 8 years. She celebrated her return with ’12 days of collabs’ videos for Christmas. And that featured a host of top celebs including John Cena, Terry Crews and Alicia Keys.

However, it also looks like Keemstar is not the only one going after Singh. When the Forbes list of richest YouTubers came out, Singh criticized it for being all-male and having only 2 people of color. She tweeted her feelings on how its providing no female representation.

Soon afterwards, PewDiePie who made it to the list called her a crybaby. But Superwoman remained calm and only explained her view point further. She also used this battle to urge her fans to spread only positivity in the world. Let’s see how this one works out for her!


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