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Not Again! Internet Speculates Over Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Breakup?

The internet is speculating over Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's breakup and we have had it already

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been one of the most loved couples around the world. That’s right! Being a beloved former boy band artist and a supermodel make you world famous. People like to root for two hot and young people to be together. They also root for them to break up as soon as possible as well. Even when Gigi and Zayn have made no confirmations, the internet is quite certain that they have ended their relationship. With Twitter feeds and threads continuing for thousands of comments, the evidence for this speculation is based on internet presence. An idea we found a little off-putting to be honest.

Internet is Speculating about Gigi Hadid…Yet Again

So, this is no fun really. There have been no confirmations really that Gigi and Zayn have actually broken up their relationship. When they both broke up last year, they featured a joint statement on their Instagram posts. In the statement they expressed respect and gratitude towards each other. They also reminded everyone that the break up was amicable. Months later after that, the two celebrities rekindled their romance. They have been dating since then. Or are they?

Never Followed Back

Reportedly, according to fans, Zayn has not followed Gigi Hadid ever since they got back together. When they broke up, Zayn reportedly unfollowed Gigi on Instagram. While many think that he just recently unfollowed her, he never followed her. On the other hand, Gigi ever unfollowed him. She had been following Zayn eve if hey were broken up. So, it’s quite confusing.

No posts by Gigi Hadid

While Gigi Hadid has made it customary to feature Zayn, there have been none most recently. Gigi went to New York over the holidays. Among the pictures that have resurfaced in. We can see Yolanda Hadid hanging out with her children, Gigi, Bella, and Anwar.

When everyone starts to talk about how there is no Zayn and somehow that proves that they have ended their relationship.

Cousin Love

On the other hand, Zayn posed for a picture with his cousin Jawwad Saeed. While the picture is really sweet and funny, the caption has a lot of people reading into it.

The caption read, “Through best and worst, take a bullet for you. Keep happy my bro”, Now I don’t know if you have cousins. But as long as I remember, cousins say this kind of emotional stuff to one another. So deducing that Zayn broke up with Gigi just cause a cousin promised to be there through thick and thin is bizarre.

Other clues

Other than that, people are also pointing out that Zayn did not attend this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in which Gigi walked. Gigi has not posted anything about Zayn’s new album, Icarus Has Fallen. In fact, they have not posted about each other since October 12th. Zayn has released a new album. Which means that she is busy.

Not every relationship is sustained through social media. Some sources close to Gigi and Zayn have confirmed that their relationship has become stronger after break up, That means that the couple just wants to keep their private life private and not divulge everything on the internet. So take a hint, people! It will break out Zayn and Gigi loving hearts but until they say they did, I don’t believe they broke up.

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