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Punjabi Singer Diljit Dosanjh Finds New Crush in Gal Gadot

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Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh might have actually given up on his first crush Kylie Jenner. After a long time of leaving Punjabi messages on her social media, and writing songs about her that Jenner will probably never hear, the singer seems to have given up. But has he given up on love altogether? Well, does not seem so. Diljit has moved forward to progress towards his other crush. And that’s none other than our very own Wonder Woman or Gal Gadot. His comments on her Instagram are actually winning the internet over. And it did not just stop with one comment because he moved on to make another one claiming that Kylie was mad at him for ditching her. But will Gadot ever really know that Dosanjh might have a huge crush on her? The chances are slim, because even for this one, the singer is sticking to Punjabi.

Diljit Dosanjh Replaces Kylie Jenner with Gal Gadot in his Heart

Everybody on the internet might have noticed some person dropping comments in Punjabi all over Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. And that was Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh who had a huge crush on the American reality television star. Not only did he like her, and talk about it, but he was heartbroken when Kylie fell pregnant with baby Stormi. In fact, Diljit claimed to have written a song about her. But looks like its time to move on. Recently, Dosanjh has been spotted dropping similar comments for Gal Gadot all over her Instagram.

When Wonder Woman  posted a picture a while back saying that she was looking forward to the new year, Dosanjh commented in Punjabi which translated to read that she looked like she belonged to Punjab. The internet, especially his Punjabi fans lost it, and commented either that she actually did while others mentioned how the singer has now forgotten his first love Kylie Jenner. On another picture, he commented that his love for Gal Gadot was defaming him in Indian media. And that Kylie is mad at him for commenting. He further questioned if a man could not even express what was in his heart.

Let’s wait and see if Diljit Dosanjh has some luck with Gal Gadot because Kylie is all set to almost marry Travis Scott!

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