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One Day At A Time Is The Most Politically Aware Show On Any Streaming Service

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It is seen very less often that a show is able to tackle topical, weighty issues without being prejudiced or irrelevant to at least an extent. When The Conners and the Roseanne franchise attempted to take on America’s socio-political situation it lead to shrieks and cries from both Wings on reciprocal basis. The Murphy Brown reboot proved to be insanely partisan. Part of the political mayhem involves shows trying to keep up with the minutiae developments taking place in Trump’s America. One Day At A Time at Netflix is; however, different. It does not invest in the exhausting endeavour of following news as a narrative element. Instead it deals with the broad aspects without being tasteless. So even when One Day At A Time Season 3 hits Netflix  next Feb, it will not have to pace up haphazardly to keep in line with the political malaise.

How One Day At A Time Manages To Be Politically Woke Without Getting Too Trivial

Awareness and information is the one thing that offers One Day At A Time its real flavor. The sitcom is well known of the lingering socio-political problems of America. Additionally, it also has a sound comprehension of the temporary or permanent nature of the problems. To be more particular the Netflix show remarkably deals with the Nation’s immigration crisis without particularly mentioning Trump at all. Elena fears that the recent policies may deport their grandmother Lydia. And these apprehensions stem well in a Left climate that will not fade away at least until 2020. The foundation laid in the previous season will offer relevant continuity for One Day At A Time season 3 due to air in February 2019

Awareness And Realization Of The Issue

In one episode some kids at school throw racial Penelope’s son Alex (Marcel Ruiz). The sneer at him with “Build a wall” slogans. Consequently the entire family reassembles in his support as an indication that every independent citizen is ready to stand up against oppression. The approach is realistic as the cast mentions that even if the slogan goes away, everyday racism will unfortunately continue to be a de facto part of the American society. At one point the show even references to Elena’s birth in 2001. The context of the citation is clear, the show declares how the devastating event affected the life of every minority in America forever.

What Will Be The Political Goals Of Netflix One Day At A Time Season 3?

The show has already made the objective for One Day At A Time Season 3 quite clear. Selecting a Latino family has been an apt choice as the show is able to deliver how working class members of an underrepresented, marginalised community are contributing with their hard work and social conduct to America’s real noble vision.

Gloria Calderon Kellet says: It’s very satisfying. To be able to live with a family, especially a family like this family that lacks representation right now. It is a good, Latino, hard-working immigrant family that’s making good in America. We feel it’s more important than ever. Given this current climate to show what that looks like in a real way. These are good, hard-working people that are good Americans.”

One Day At A Time Season 2 has found a nod as The Revival Show of 2018 at this year’s People’s Choice Awards. Given the laugh out loud moments in this uproarious presentation, the insufficient critical reception sadly renders the show underrated acclaim.

One Day At A Time stars Marcel Ruiz, Todd Grinnell and Stephen Tobolowsky. One Day At A Time Season 3 will be available  to stream  on Netflix, 8th February 2019.

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