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Theories About Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Trailer with Lupita Nyong’o’s Doppelganger

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Jordan Peele was prepared for his next horror baby after Get Out. After winning the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Get Out, he was on his writing/directing/producing high horse. From his genius mind came out with a movie. The movie is aptly titled “Us“. The movie signed on Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke and Elizabeth Moss. The first trailer for the movie was released by Universal Pictures.

What We Know About the Movie?

Jordan Peele said about the movie that he wanted to “create a monster mythology” and “firmly in the horror genre,” The movie is about a family going on a vacation in in a Northern California coastal community. The story portrays Lupita’s character Adelaide as a paranoid mother. However her paranoia proves to be warranted,

Breaking Down the Trailer

While we know that we can not even get close to all the things that Jordan wanted to portray. Let’s see the trailer in our own way and what we can deduce from the trailer which make the trailer as disturbing and unsettling as it is.

5 On It

The trailer starts with the song ‘5 On It’ by Luniz. Gabe gets into the rhythm and calls it a classic. Their daughter Zora enjoys the song but it takes some time for the son Jason to catch on to it. He asks what the song is about. He is told that it’s about drugs. A man pointed out on YouTube comments that the song might be foreshadowing the presence of the sinister duplicates,

I think I got 5 on it is trying to symbolize that family has another half. I got 5 on it means to put half a payment down on weed and someone else puts another half payment. It definitely symbolizes the other half of the family – Johnny Mikes 

I have my own theory on it. Since the song is about drugs, what if they are under influence of drugs. And Jason is sober. That’s why they all easily get in rhythm of the song. Meanwhile Jason tries to but Adelaide has to help him. And because he is sober, he is the first one to see the weird figure on the beach. So, can it be a dream? Or the disturbing reality of the movie?

Then a creepier version of the song continues in the trailer. Which might be an indication that the family is leaving a comfortable and fun state to enter a tense atmosphere.

It’s Us

Zora informs her parents that their is a family outside. It’s probably the neighbors, Gabe says. Have you not seen The Purge? Never assume that the people outside are the neighbors. Gabe threatens them with a baseball bat. And suddenly, creeps! The movement of the four creepers is just disturbing. What is more disturbing is that these people are doppelgangers.

“It’s us” Jacob simply states. And I still stand by iy. Jason was not under the influence. That’s why he is able to see them.

Unprecedented Zora

While Lupita Nyong’o is supposed to be the star. However, young Zora has a whole series of scenes in which show her struggling through with her own doppelganger. Those are some really, really creepy scenes. Shahadi Wright Joseph is definitely looking very, very promising in these scenes. She is going to deliver a dual performance to remember.

Adelaide’s Struggle

We are told from the start that Adelaide is paranoid about something wrong happening to her family. Her voice over echoes for the second half of the trailer. She explains what these doppelgangers are. What they want and what they have to do to be safe from them.

Some points to note

I might be crazy to discuss plot points here. Lets call them movie spoiler points, shall we?

They Split Up

Apparently, when they see their doppelgangers in their home. There is some kind of fight. They split up. Gabe and Zora go their own way while trying to dodge the creepiness.

Extraordinary powers

Creepy ways to move, walking out of a fire and the creepy way they climbs trees and straight up be creepy. These characters have serious skill putting in for dual performances.

Not Just One

Rabbits are a big clue in the trailer. They are key to the plot of the film. Now what I think it that there is not just one doppelganger of you, There are signs to indicate that there are at least two to three doppelgangers through out the trailer. And if Gabe and Adelaide manage to kill the first doppelgangers, they are faced with another. So, my theory is that there might be more than one.

Jason Kidnapped

While we see Gabe and Zora making a dash for it, Adelaide, blood covered and looking for something or someone. Jason wanders off in the start of the trailer. Which indicates he will do it again. There might be a reason as well. His copy is not as neat as the others as he discovers while sitting with his doppelganger in the closet. So what it Jason is kidnapped, Adelaide tell Gaba and Zora to go on and she will fetch Jason.

Whoa! This trailer was just about three minutes long and we are already way in deep. Hopefully we get the next level of Get Out in Us. And another Oscar win for Jordan.

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