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Angelina Jolie Gears Up To Discuss Divorce on TV

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It’s certain that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce has been one of the messiest affairs in Hollywood. And it seems like there is absolutely no end to that drama. Although the custody battle has been temporarily resolved and Pitt is working on his relationship with his children, Angelina is gearing up for another stunt. If telling Pixar that his father never wanted to adopt him didn’t work, Jolie is all set to tarnish Pitt’s image on television. Apparently, the actress feels that amidst the divorce drama, she has been demonized by the media. So, in a TV interview, she plans on revealing all the truth about the divorce. Although the settlement does not allow the estranged couple to trash each other in public, Angelina’s interview might violate that. Or will she only try to clean up her image without destroying his?

Angelina Jolie Prepares to Clear Up Her Image in Tell-All TV Interview

The actress has surely suffered a bad image throughout the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce affair. In fact, other celebrities including Sharon Osbourne publicly slammed her for her role. But it seems like she does not want to let things be that way. And to counter the negative image that she has garnered, Jolie is preparing for a tell-all TV interview. Apparently, she is going to reveal all the information about her divorce to the public. But is it for real or is it just another stunt from her to defame Brad Pitt? Well, the settlement does not allow either of the ex-partners to trash the other person in public. But seems like with the interview, Angelina Jolie found her way around this one.

According to an inside source, Brad Pitt does not seem very excited about it. And as for Jolie, she will be using other sneaky jabs to get back at her ex-husband. The source also adds that,

These two hate each other still with a passion and she’s very keen to set things straight, even if it’s done subtly.

As far as the tell-all TV interview is concerned, Angelina is likely to play extremely safe. She will indirectly target Pitt as she might talk about charities to support women who suffer abusive relationships, are single moms or deal with deadbeat dads. Pitt has maintained his sobriety throughout this custody and divorce drama. But let’s be sure that Angelina will take aims at that too.

Will Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce ever get old?


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