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Why Netflix Bird Box Is Doing Wonders Despite Lukewarm Critical Reviews

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The weird thing about Netflix recent post apocalyptic movie Bird Box is that despite scornful reviews it is still getting a noticeable media and audience attention. The biggest problem is people are particularly thrilled by the monster on Netflix Bird Box, although you can hardly call that one a monster. Like some very sophisticated horror movies, the Sandra Bullock feature too attempts to give little detail about what is happening and about the origins of the true evils influencing the events. It; however, miserably fails to cash on its mystery element and ends up becoming a mess of loose strings.

Bird Box Was Derived From Classics

One reason that viewers are sticking to this post apocalyptic mess is that that it draws its narrative elements from celebrated movies including A Quiet Place, The Happening, and Cloverfield. The lack of explanation to what is happening serves as a point of intrigue throughout the entire film. Bird box also tries to convince its viewers get torn between the psychological and physical horrors in the movie. True all this it is able to effectively mask its soullessness. And viewers tune in to the horror saga with lot of expectations.

The Star Power Of Sandra Bullock And Sarah Paulson

A lot of talent goes on wasted on Netflix Bird Box. The star cast compromising of major horror players including Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson was the main inviting feature for the movie. With their refined experience in the industry, they dished out some commendable performances. The lack of strong writing, did not really compliment what the maestros were capable of.

Divided Reactions Pour In Online For Netflix Bird Box

Reactions to Netflix Bird Box; however, have been largely conflicting. It appears that the horror fable has affected people differently and its main thread indeed did haunt some minds.

The worst part about the movie is that it does not attempt to offer any explanation about the origins of its story or its real monsters. And building upon the high level of curiosity over what happened at the movie several youtubers have bloated the internet with possible theories and explanations of the Netflix Bird Box ending. This keeps the hype around Netflix bird box going.

It wasn’t just the bird box ending, but practically every element of the movie that has become an internet sensation. A fine load of memes a surfacing on the internet. While some mock the movies intricate plot and absurd name, several others take a dig at the unreal sequences tailored into the movie. For instance there is ample internet lampoon around the scene where Sandra Bullock left several children like bags during an escape.

Despite not being 2018 best horror presentation the Sandra Bullock starrer continues to ignite several heated debates on the web. It; therefore, appears as if unsaid things resonate more loudly then the spoken ones.

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