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Doom Patrol Holiday Teaser Unveils The Most Uncelebrated Heroes Of the Decade

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Christmas times are indeed merry times. Ask for the DC universe, they have kick started their holiday celebrations with the most uncelebrated heroes of the decade. Yep, you guessed it right! The DC Universe Twitter account has released an all new holiday teaser for the upcoming Titans spinoff – Doom Patrol cast. Now how often do we get to see a Mummy, a robot, an android, and a gorgeous femme fatale all posing together for a perfect Christmas picture? Well DC Doom Patrol Holiday teaser has then indeed broken all records by teasing off its entire lead cast with such festivity

Who Are The Doom Patrol

The weirdos on the upcoming Grant Morrison streaming service saga are all a strange group of heroes. Their absurdity has largely excluded them from the society, and they found themselves a purpose by interacting with people sharing a like distinctiveness.

Doom Patrol Cast

Doom Patrol Christmas teasers features Diane Guerrero as the immensely sultry Crazy Jane. With 64 distinct personalities each having their own superpower, the siren possesses the ability to wreck anything that may cross fer path.

The lady who appears to be the closest degree to normal is, in reality, the most torn of them all. Playing Elasti Woman by April Bowlby. As a Doom Patrol cast member, she finds her uniqueness in her skill to comfortably change shape. She can grow or minimize her cells. But in case she fails to master her skill, she ends up trapped in a puddle of gooey liquid.

The DC Doom Patrol Holiday teaser quickly shifted its lens to the half man- half robot Cyborg. Now we all know who Cyborg is, and we all were equally disappointed when DC’s Titans refused to cast in this main squad member in its reboot innings. Cyborg has for obscure reasons has shifted base from Titans to Doom Patrol. It finds in performer in the charming Jovian Wade.

DC Doom Patrol Holiday Teaser Reveals Multiple Actors For Single Characters

For the two other midnight heroes, The DC Doom Patrol cast hires 2 actors each. While one actor voices the role, the other embodies the character. Negative man finds its voice in White Collar’s Matt Bomer, while Matthew Zuk dons its get up. Negative Man’s encounter with negative energy has made him electricfying. He now he blows up anything he touches.

The Doom Patrol cast members playing Robotman include Brendan Fraiser and Riley Shanahan. This Treehouse of Horror’s Homer Simpson was formerly a racer. Unfortunately with things getting a bit crashy, he has to live with a robot brain now.

Timothy Dalton herds the entire crew as its shady Chief. The Doom Patrol Holiday teaser features only the voice of this sinister Team dad. And that is enough for us know that we can’t really trust him.

Doom Patrol premieres February 15.

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