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Punjabi Singer Diljit Dosanjh Crushed on Kylie Jenner

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Anybody really into the Bollywood music and film industry must already know about Diljit Dosanjh. Apart from his successful music career and committed performances in Punjabi movies, India remembers Diljit for another talent as well. And that would be his social media game. His most legendary social media moments would definitely include his major crush of beauty mogul and American reality television star Kylie Jenner. Even when Kylie might not have noticed it, he has kept it no secret. For the past two years, the Punjabi singer has publicly commented on the Kardashian pictures claiming his love for Kylie in all evident and subtle manners. But while doing so, he used his own Punjabi language, so can we blame Kylie for not knowing about it yet? Is Diljit still set on Kylie or is he shifting his crush to Gal Gadot because that’s what his recent comments suggest.

Diljit Dosanjh Makes His Crush on Kylie Jenner Public via Instagram

Kylie Jenner might not have noticed it, but Diljit Dosanjh makes prompt responses on every Instagram post that concerns her. And if not directly, he even comments on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram asking for her youngest sister. When Jenner posted a picture with her ex-boyfriend Tyga, Diljit found it utterly non nonsensical and commented the same in Punjabi. But one thing is definitely established that the Punjabi singer has a thing for KUWTK star. He even told the local media that,

She looks like a Punjabi girl to me, and so I really like her. But look at her! She isn’t replying to my messages but I am sure one day she will and will also agree to do a video with me.

The singer has already requested Kylie for a music video for him. And his crush has surely kept his fans online entertained. After Kylie became pregnant with baby Stormi, Diljit was reportedly heartbroken. Twitter was caught up as he assured his fans he was holding up okay. But he later released songs that directly referred to his American crush.

The singer is all set that one day, Kylie Jenner would eventually respond. But that seems tough doesn’t it? Well for one thing, he comments in Punjabi and we doubt she’ll ever be able to read it in this life. And for another, she is completely happy with her baby and ‘almost’ husband Travis Scott.

As for Diljit, he might have found himself another crush. His recent comments on Gal Gadot aka Wonder Woman’s Instagram suggest so. Let’s wait and see if he sticks to Kylie or is it time to move on?

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