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Caspar Lee and Josh Pieters’ Public Feud Was Fake

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The popular YouTubers Caspar Lee and Josh Pieters have been involved in a much messy public feud. And that includes everything from diss tracks to fake DMs and street fights. Despite the two stars putting in a lot of effort, the entire thing was pretty unconvincing for the fans. In fact, they were trying so hard that they had to bring in other fellow YouTubers for help. But probably the only good that came out of this feud was that YouTube views on their videos started touching the sky. Even when all the funds from this project will go into charity, it’s still an achievement. But we are still waiting to actually discover what prompted Lee and Pieters to create such drama. And does the explanatory video uploaded by Lee suffice in explaining? Probably not.

Caspar Lee and Josh Pieters Draw an End to Fake Beef

Caspar Lee recently uploaded an explanatory video on his channel titled The Truth About My Fake YouTube Drama. In the description, he wrote that they wanted to initiate the weakest beef online and discover why so many YouTubers have public feuds. And conclude that if YouTube drama could be created from shit, it could be created from anything. This video showed the two YouTubers along with Oil White scheming about how to start the feud. And strategically plan how they would get the mainstream press to pay attention.

Probably what needs to be admitted here is that Caspar Lee and Josh Pieters added in too much effort into this. They not just made fake poo for Pieters to photograph and post on Twitter but also created diss tracks, fake DMs and physically posed fights on streets. But even then, a lot many fans were completely unconvinced by this entire drama. And that’s when Lee decided to bring in other people to make it sound real. They asked fellow YouTubers JaackMaate, ImAllexx, and Keemstar to help things.

Although fans were barely impressed by this, the YouTubers made great amounts since views touched the sky. But they’ll be donating all funds from this project to nobully.org. Towards the end of the video, Lee questioned if somebody would become a drama YouTuber just for the views. And surprisingly, Pieters responded in the affirmative. After this public acknowledgment that the feud was fake, fans aren’t going very easy. And maybe that’s because they didn’t have to admit, we already knew!

Is this why the Paul brothers and Jeffree star just can’t give feuds a rest?

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