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Terry Crews And Lilly Singh Joined Hands For An Uproarious Collab Video

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Friends are there for each other through thick and thin. They do a lot for each other but apparently Terry Crews can go even unimaginable miles ahead for his friends. Recently who transformed into YouTuber Lilly Singh aka. Lily Singh to save her from a horrible date. Crews featured alongside Lilly Singh in an uproarious collaboration video. Singh got trapped into the horrendous date and she quickly summoned Crews to save the day for her.

When Terry Crews Became Lily Singh

The video showcases a situation that we all wished was true. When Lily has a bad date she rushes into the washroom and pushes an emergency button the summoned her look-alike to take her place at the table.

Terry then discusses his underwear imprints, UTI, and gold-digging nature with his date. And the guy understandably walks out of the scenario. Or rather thankfully walks out of the scenario.

Terry then comically wails off ‘Hurry back so we can talk about our future’!

And just when you think that its over, an increasing plot twist culminates the video. There is a Terry crews sitting across a female Terry Crews and we ship this.

What The Superwoman Had To Say About The Collab

Lilly Singh hard half-angle moment producing a collaboration video alongside Terry Crews. She even tweeted:

‘I went on a date the other night and holy crap it was TERRIBLE. Thank god I was able to hire an identical body double to save me. Thanks @terrycrews dream come true!’

In a sweet gesture Terry crews also announced that it was his pleasure to help YouTube’s much acclaimed Superwoman. He tweeted in response to Lilly Singh

‘It was A PLEASURE @IISuperwomanII! Call me anytime you need to keep these busters away!’

Legends supporting legends are always a delight to watch. And when celebrities collaborate to take on social problems satirically the entertainment quotient multiplies manifold. Who could have thought that Terry Crews would have worked such wonders as a Superwoman’s body double. The credit for this ingeniously crafted YouTube content goes to bought its creators Lilly Singh and Terry crews.

Terry Crews Christmas Video

Crews featured alongside Lily Singh soon after a video depicting his artistry skills surfaced on YouTube. In a live stream on NBC, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor painted a gorgeous festive scene in front of a crackling fire and a twinkling Christmas tree.

We indeed look forward to more Superwoman and Terry Crews collabs in the future.

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