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Jennifer Lopez Slapped Leah Remini on Second Act Movie Set

Leah Remini reveals that Jennifer Lopez slapped her on the set of Second Act and it's not what it seems

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Leah Remini is a TV icon. She has a lot of roles on various TV shows over the years. She has proven herself to be a capable actor. So, we just wonder why oh why we don’t see her in enough movies. Her friend Jennifer Lopez persuaded her to star in her new movie Second Act. During the filming, she slapped Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer slapped her back so hard that Leah was crying and laughing at the same time.

Jennifer Lopez Persuaded Leah Remini

Second Act is in theaters now. One of the surprise actors to watch in the movie was TV icon, Leah Remini. We have Jennifer Lopez to thank for that. According to Leah Remini, Jennifer persuaded her to do the movie. She played the sassy friend Joan to Jennifer’s workaholic Maya. Leah said that she did not even read the script.

On Set Chemistry

The two actresses are also good friends. Working on the same project allowed them to pump up each other. Leah revealed that they had a routine of sorts,

“I didn’t have the same nerves. A lot of it was improvised. Her reaction is always funny because that’s her reaction to me; she rolls her eyes a lot if I grab her boob or annoy her…. Annoying her makes me laugh, so I’d do different things in different takes, so you’re seeing her real reactions,” she explains, highlighting a key scene where Joan gives Maya a pep talk that closely mirrors their actual pal-around dynamic. “Before a performance I say [to Jennifer], ‘Who’s the champ?’ This time I decided I’d slap her; She slapped me back so hard it made me cry from laughter.”

That’s right! It’s like the first time we have heard of it. So, we are clear that Leah slapped Jennifer. Insteadof being pissed about it. Jennifer just slapped her right back. That’s called friendship.

Jane Fonda Taught Her

Jennifer slapping Leah back just reminded me of this really classic scene from the movie Monster in Law. Jennifer starred against Jane Fonda as her evil mother in law to be. There is a scene where Jennifer’s character Charlie slaps Viola, Jane’s character.

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