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Who is To All The Boys I Have Loved Before Sequel New Character

There is going to be a new character in the To All the Boys I Have Loved Before sequel movie and we know a little bit about him

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The sequel to the Netflix hit rom-com, To All the Boys I Have Loved Before is officially coming. In an official post on Netflix Instagram, the stars of the movie Lana Candor and Noah Centineo made the announcement. At the end of the video, Lana receives a call from someone she thinks will make a perfect John Ambrose. We already have some idea who John Ambrose is.

The Official Announcement

The official announcement for To All the Boys I Have Loved Before sequel came through on Netflix social media. Lana who plays Lara Jean is seen making a Christmas presents list for everyone. She is just wondering what to get her co-star Noah when he calls. They make a Christmas contract in which they agree to watch Christmas Prince 1 and 2. Lana also requests that she gets to announce that they are making the sequel of To All the Boys I Have Loved Before. Just before the end, Lana receives a call from someone. She gets excited and tell them that they will make the perfect John Ambrose.

Who is John Ambrose?

While many of us might have gotten lost in Noah’s eyes and smile. We may not remember that there was a mention of a John Ambrose in the first To All The Boys I Have Loved Before movie. Don’t remember when? Just when would you ask? Well, first off in the official trailer for the movie. And then at the beginning of the movie itself. When Lara Jean is explaining why she wrote her love letters and to whom.

First up, is Kenny from camp. Peter from 7th Grade, Lucas from Homecoming, John Ambrose McClaren from Model UN and Josh Sanderson, her sister boyfriend and her best friend. While we know Josh, Peter and Lucas. All of them were in the first movie. We don’t know what became of the other two. There is Kenny from camp. He did not show up in the movie. The other was John Ambrose. Lara Jean met him at a Model UN meeting. He was the Jr. Delegate for Macedonia. Then there was a scene at the end. Really the end after the field scene. In which there is a guy standing at the door with flowers and his own letter declaring him as John Ambrose.

What it Means for Peter and Lara Jean?

While Lara Jean might have fallen for Peter, we can see that their relationship was nascent. She had confessed that there was some pretty intense stuff in the letters she wrote. If there is John Ambrose coming in to see Lara Jean, there might be sparks. There is a chance that Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship might get strained.

Who is Playing John Ambrose?

While it is the movie producers who know. Fans have their own opinion about who should play John Ambrose. Jordan Burtchett played the role for a second. He seemed the likely choice to play the role. However he had confirmed that he has not been confirmed for the role.

Fans are having their own wish list for the role. As John Ambrose is a big part of the sequel in the book series it is based on. Fans have short listed Riverdale leading men, KJ Apa-who is a brunette in real life, and Cole Sprouse. Surprisingly, Shawn Mendes is also a hot favorite to play the part. Then there is Luke Benward. So, we now need to consider whom Lana was talking to.

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