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Shane Dawson Hinting at Alien Conspiracy Video in 2019

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Shane Dawson has been on a long break where he had to evacuate his house due to California Woolsey wildfires and move into a new house. Though, he has let his fans know that he’s working on some big projects. One of which is an iconic collaboration with Jeffree Star where he will create a new palette. But, more and more social media posts are hinting towards a conspiracy video about aliens.

Here’s how we know that Shane is definitely working on a conspiracy video.

Then Shane went ahead and expressed his curiosity for the paranormal. His previous conspiracy videos have often tackled aliens and all theories about it. He’s mentioned the mysterious Men In Black who silence anyone who’s claimed to have seen aliens. And the famous Area 51 under the US government. It’s assumed that aliens are held captive there. Maybe Shane Dawson will explore more about that.

Plus, he made an appreciation post of Bab Lazar’s documentary on aliens.

So, looks like we’re getting an alien conspiracy video. But maybe this time around Shane Dawson will go ask people who have encountered aliens and use his docuseries format here as well. He might even ask other conspiracy theorists on YouTube to collaborate with him on this series. New insight from others who have been researching on the topic would certainly be beneficial. We saw him do that with the Jake Paul series where he talked to Keemstar and iNabber, both YouTubers who make a living off of researching other YouTubers.

It will even be better than the last conspiracy video he did as Shane Dawson only ups his game each time.

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