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Amazing First Men In Black International Trailer Revealed New Leading Agents

First Men in Black International trailer casts Thor: Ragnarok duo as agents Hand M

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Shockingly, the first trailer of ‘Men in Black International’ revealed that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are not in the scene to combat against the terrorist aliens. In fact, now the ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ fame, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson come aboard. In this fresh case, both of them are performing as agent H and M of ‘Men In Black International’.

‘Men in Black International’ Trailer Released

In the recently released trailer of the spin- off, viewers are introduced to the new MIB agents struggling against dangerous invaders. The trailer is officially released on Thursday.

Thor: Ragnarok leads Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth again team up to fight against the aliens. The first disclosure of Men in Black International recently exhibited this popular pair donned in the signature black suits in the upcoming Sci-Fi comical adventure, directed by F. Gary Gray.

Men in Black Original Cast

The Men in Black originally casts Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Agents M and H. The previous movie emphasizes the alien activity in New York City. Moreover, Men in Black III is en route to Cape Canaveral, Florida. In view of the new title, the upcoming Men in Black’s spin-off now crosses the borders. The organization reaches  London to encounter the extraterrestrial villains.

The First Trailer Show Cased The New Lead  Agents:

In this spin-off eventually, Agent M (Thompson) and Agent H (Hemsworth) become the lead partners and join the organization. Moreover, Liam Neeson is playing as the head of MIB’s UK branch. While Emma Thompson is back as Agent O ( Men in Black 3). Some other popular names like Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick) and Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible – Fallout) joined the crew of Men in Black international.

What Men In Black International Brings:

The first trailer shows Hemsworth and Thompson covering grounds across the globe under the strict orders of Neeson and (Emma) Thompson. Hemsworth perhaps is working as a de facto MIB agent. while Thompson is a neophyte trying to impress Agent O (Emma Thompson).

Besides the iconic black suits, Agent M’s character mimic to that of Will Smith’s in the first Men in Black movie. A self-reliant recruit in a process to learn the progressive strategies of the esoteric organization. However, Hemsworth is all familiar with those good hammer jokes.

Men in Black International will hit the theaters on June 14, 2019.

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