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So Far We Know Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a Movie and That’s It…

The producers are being such a tease.

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As devoted fans eagerly wait for Black Mirror Season 5 to drop, there’s some great news for everyone. Bandersnatch, an episode of the upcoming season is actually going to be a movie! This was discovered by a fan on Netflix who saw that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was enlisted under the movies section.

Black Mirrir: Bandersnatch season 5 movie

Any Confirmation by Black Mirror’s Producers?

Unfortunately, no. The producers are being surprisingly shady about Black Mirror Season 5. We only got to know the premiere date after it was accidentally released on Twitter. The tweet was then deleted and the producer and show creator Charlie Brooker did not say anything about the whole fiasco. Even now when everyone is anxiously curious to know whether this new episode is part of season 5 or something separate, we have no answers. The unique Black Mirror Twitter account did not give out any clues either. Their last tweet was in May 1st where they retweeted an article of The Verge.

Regarding, season 5 of Black Mirror we only got this extremely short trailer with the description “Be right back”.

“Be right back” is also the description of this new movie we are going to see soon on December 28th hopefully. Though, there’s no one from the show or Netflix confirming or denying this. It was also the title of season 2’s episode. Perhaps, it’s a continuation of it or related to the same themes? It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

The producers are being secretive about it. The show runners didn’t release any new official trailers. The official Netflix and Black Mirror accounts on social media aren’t hinting at anything as of yet, so we can just speculate currently. However, it’s the first ever movie that the creators of Black Mirror are giving us so there’s a lot riding on this one for them. Since, Miley Cyrus will probably star in it after she confirmed the news, it’s something we can be all be excited about.

We’ll update you anything new we hear.

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