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Elementary Ending After Season 7

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The CBS interpretations of the Sherlock Holmes character is to approach its end very soon. Apparently, Elementary is going to exit the channel for good after season 7. The upcoming seventh season will its 13 episodes that have already been filmed will be the last of this series to be aired on TV. With the modern day New York style adaptation of famous literary characters with different spins on the Sherlock Holmes mystery, this show has seen its fair side of controversies.

Ever since it premiered in 2012, it became somewhat an absolute hit. Anybody who has followed the show truly knows how great it was. And maybe that’s exactly why there are a 100 episodes under this series. So, now that it’s wrapping up its television journey, the news is terribly unsettling for many fans. What makes is worse is that the final season 7 does not have a premiere date yet.

‘Elementary’ Wraps Up Its Journey on Television After Season 7

Elementary has definitely been a great hit for CBS ever since the show first touched television screens back in 2012. The show stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu who play Holmes and Watson respectively. The modern day spinoff of Sherlock Holmes is steered by showrunner Robert Doherty. Doherty is also an executive producer on the show alongside Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly, Bob Goodman, Jason Tracey, and Robert Hewitt Wolfe. CBS Television Studios is the overall producer behind this series.

During the course of its run beginning from 2012, the show has been allotted different times slots on television. For the first three seasons, it used to air on Thursdays before being split between Thursdays and Sundays for the fourth season. Season 5 aired on CBS on Sundays while Mondays were restricted for season 6. During the time of season 6, Elementary was also moved from the fall to the summer. Although season 6 was initially supposed to have only 13 episodes, the channel ended up extending the total number ordered to 21.

The upcoming season 7 which will be the last one ever for this show has 13 episodes altogether. After the show renewed for the last season in May, the network and producers collectively thought that this one would be a good time to bring an end. Season 7 does not still have a premiere date. But fans who are already saddened that this show is ending soon are desperately waiting for the final season. Let’s wait and see if any more details slip out of CBS!

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