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ABC Wants The Conners Season 2 to Happen

Word is that despite popular belief, ABC actually wants a season 2 for The Conners to happen.

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The Conners became quite a controversial offering on ABC. a reboot of the 1990s hit sitcom, Roseanne. Now, the actress Roseanne Barr made some political comments. While it was controversial, ABC saved the show bombing with audience due to Roseanne Barr. They killed off Roseanne an continue with the family in The Conners. It became a hit all across the country. So much so, that ABC might want a season 2 for the show.

ABC Might Cancel The Conners

The Conners premiered, especially as a spin-off of Roseanne. It did not work straight off the bat, The ratings saw dips and climbs every week. Many experts believed that that was the end for the Conners, The show runners even considered bringing Roseanne Barr back to save the show. That seemed like an unlikely option since it was too controversial for ABC’s taste. So it was really a very big possibility that ABC might order a few more episodes but they will cancel the show altogether when it end.

Hopes of Season 2 for The Conners

Despite the popular belief about the show’s cancellation. People in higher places feel differently. In fact in a swarm of sci-fi and fantasy inspired shows. The pleasures and difficulties of a simple family in day to day routine attracted a lot of viewers. Despite the ratings, ABC thinks that the show must go on. That’s why they have reportedly green lit a season 2 of The Conners

Negotiations for Season 2

While Barr’s absence has been a sore thumb in an already struggling show. The creative team tried their best to deal with Barr not being in the show. Despite that, despite rumors of cancellation, the show might live after all. According to Deadline, the show has been approved for season 2 for The Conners.

Talking to the Cast

Even in Roseanne’s absence, there have been solid leading actors who led great characters. John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Sara Gilbert are all in negotiations about the second season. According to reports that they are going well. Only Goodman and Metcalf are facing some difficulty because of their own schedules. Even then, the season 2 is very much likely to happen. Especially when the actors will be getting a raise per episode.

The remaining season 1 of the show will return January 8th.

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1 Comment
  1. James Johnson says

    I’ve just watched the first 8 episodes of The Conner’s. This show has come alive with the demise of Rosanne. The show truly sparkles with excellent and witty writing, excellent acting and what appears to be a new freedom amongst the actors. It’s like a breath of fresh air after the stultifying effects of Rosanne. This cast, writers and producers deserve a Season 2 — and so do I!!!

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