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Angelina Jolie Attempts To Take Son Away From Brad Pitt

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The divorce and consequent custody battle of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has been a bitter affair. After continuing it for a very long time, and then finally heading to court for a decision, the case was resolved temporarily in Pitt’s favor. And that meant that the actor would not be able to meet him children whenever he wants without supervision. But the actress has not struck again as she attempts to take her sons away from Pitt. Considering that the boys already have a rather broken relationship with their father, Jolie seems to be ensuring that it gets damaged beyond repair. And for that reason, Angelina has now told her son Pixar that Pitt never wanted to adopt him in the first place. With this stunt, it seems like Sharon Osbourne really had a point when she slammed Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt Never Wanted to Adopt Son Pixar?

From the very start, it’s known that Pitt’s relationship with his children, especially his sons has been damaged amidst the divorce. Apparently, Maddox and Pax are not on good terms with their father ever since he split up. And it seems likely that their relationship might never improve. According to sources, Maddox has always been very protective of his mother. He is headstrong and remained Jolie’s closest confidante during the divorce drama. Shiloh and Zahara seemed eager to fix things with Pitt.

However, Pax has always been close to Jolie as compared to Pitt. And now that the custody battle was resolved to an extent, people were hoping that Brad Pitt could work on his relationship with his sons. But Angelina Jolie pulled out a latest stunt telling Pixar that Pitt never wanted to adopt him. And that his father was very angry when she went ahead with the adoption legalities on her own. Sources inform that Pitt was concerned with adopting another three-year old who didn’t even speak English just less than a year after they adopted Shiloh. At that time, the actress reportedly told her husband that Pax needed her more than Shiloh.

According to inside sources, they almost ended their relationship at that time. But Brad chose to stay. And now that the split and custody battle was so messy, let’s see if the actor ever gets on great terms with his children. Maybe it happens only if Angelina stops defaming him in front of them! With this latest stunt, it seems like Sharon Osbourne slammed her for a reason. The actress is really trying to come out very clean. And making her ex husband take the blame for all of it!

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  1. Barbra says

    She is a conniving b*#!I. What mother turns her kids against their father? A sick narcissist who is never wrong! Unfortunately this happens more often than not. Ask my hubby. His ex-wife did the same thing to him, brainwashing his daughter and turning her against him. So sad. Karma baby.

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