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Best New TV Shows We Got in 2018

A selection of the best breakout series on TV in the year 2018

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2018 proved to be a productive year for TV. With more TV shows coming up every week, it was easy to get lost in the cluster. However, there were some shows that made their own mark. These TV shows were either iconic or very thrilling. Either way they kept us entertained and glued to our screens. What’s more unique about these shows is that they had only debuted this year.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

January 17

Featuring an amazing cast including Édgar Ramírez as Gianni Versace, Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan, Ricky Martin as Antonio D’Amico, Penélope Cruz as Donatella Versace. The show started the year with a bang. Straight off the bat, it was not afraid to include sensitive topics including homosexuality, mental health and grief. It also earned Darren Criss his first Emmy award and stripped him off his ‘good choir boy’ image. While the show American Crime Story had already premiered. The premises of each season is different according to creator Ryan Murphy. This year, it featured the murder of famous fashion designer Gianni Versace by wanted spree killer Andrew Cunanan.

Killing Eve

April 8

Like a little gem, Killing Eve debuted on BBC America. The channel is not watched by many. However, everyone knew about Killing Eve soon. A phenomenal female-led series. Two women are caught in a cat and mouse game, driven by obsession over each other. They cross paths multiple times, unable to truly harm one another. Eve played by the brilliant Sandra Oh and also earning an Emmy nod. Along with the very talented Jodie Comer who plays “Villanelle”- a psychopathic assassin. The show builds up in each scene with thrilling drama and anticipation.

Patrick Melrose

May 12

Two words, one name. Benedict Cumberbatch. Also add that with drugs, erratic behavior and no we are not talking about Sherlock Holmes. The show was so real that at some point you empathize with Patrick’s habits and behavior. Based around the story of a man trying to come to terms with the abuse and neglect he suffered at his parents hands when he was a child. The show premiered on Showtime in the US. It also earned Benedict Cumberbatch an Emmy nomination.


June 3

In the summer of 2018, a trans phenomenon hit the television screens and it changed the way we see entertainment. With a cast that was not only diverse but also representing the trans community, Pose became a stellar combination of style, charisma and of course, pose. Set in New York 1987, the show features an exclusive show where trans people gather to strut their stuff in a competition of sorts. The show creator Ryan Murphy does not shy away from embracing the beauty of trans people. Perhaps it is that that translates into every scene. Pose has been nominated for the best TV show Golden Globe in 2019.


June 3

We enter into HBO territory now. With Succession, it seemed like Game of Thrones (sorry I couldn’t help it) but yes. Like Game of Thrones in corporate. The story follows a family’s fate, personally and professionally. As the head of the family is about to step down, everyone wants the throne. Succession is cut-throat, in your face and very devious. I am going to go and watch an episode now.

Sharp Objects

July 8

One of the most unexpected TV shows that debuted this year was Sharp Objects. Starring Amy Adams and Chris Messina, the show was unexpectedly brilliant and unapologetic about its premises. It featured a murder mystery with quite a satisfying climax, Amy Adams shines in her role as Camille Preaker. A journalist who goes back to her home town to investigate the murders. And also face her demons which unravel a terrifying truth. The series has earned Golden Globe nominations for Best Miniseries category. Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson have earned Golden Globe nominations for their performances.


September 21

Ok I don’t know what the show writers and creators were high on when they produced this show. It’s so utterly erratic and ridiculous that it somehow works. Then you put in two very lovable, and recognizable faces like Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in the mix. Then you get a very strange series that strangely translates well on the screen. After you are done with it, your mind is just itching to burst because it’s that dope but in a mellow way. Read our full review of Maniac here.

The Haunting of Hill House

October 12

Netflix promised us Halloween thrills. What we ended up getting was one of the best series, arguably the best, in the history of television horror genre. Based on the book with the same name by Shirley Jackson. The creator for the show Mike Flanagan took liberties with the show to turn it into the a thrilling, scare inducing trip filled with underlying themes of unresolved grief, loss and mental illness. Consequently, the show has done well worldwide due to Netflix’s outreach. Read our full review of The Haunting of Hill House here.


November 2

Julia Roberts reforms herself into a brilliant and complex character in this Amazon Prime Video gem. It expanses into a puzzle but you earn each piece Julia Roberts stuns in her performance and the show just builds and then delivers on every point, every episode. Read our lengthy review of Homecoming here.

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