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Dillon Danis Hints At Fighting Jake Paul

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The controversial YouTuber Jake Paul always has something on his plate. Given his life-long thirst for attention, the vlogger is always involved in one or the other thing. Recently, he called out the mixed martial artist Dillon Danis in an interview with TMZ. And after doing that for the umpteenth time, he finally got a response out of Danis. In a cryptic tweet, which although does not name anybody might really be referring to Paul, Danis has hinted at a possibility of a fight between the two. Later, the martial artist also posted another picture with FaZe Banks whom Paul has also challenged. Maybe, they are up for fighting the youngest Paul brother. But let’s just hope that the YouTuber starts exercising more caution while throwing out challenges to people. And well, let’s also hope that these two martial experts do not crush him out!

Will Dillon Danis Really Fight Jake Paul?

On an interview on December 9th, while talking to TMZ, Jake called out to Dillon Danis another time. In a series of scathing comments, he also called out to FaZe Banks. While challenging these two personalities, Paul explained that he wanted to fight someone at an elevated level. And maybe that explains why he keeps on challenging Danis. Previously, in a tweet on November 4th, and then in his vlog, Paul has hinted towards the same intentions. But this time, his interview challenge caught Danis’ attention. In a cryptic tweet made on December 10th, the martial artist responded to Paul but without mentioning anything such.

Although we are not sure if it was meant for Jake, Dillon made a tweet advising that one should be careful when wishing for something. And really, could there be a better response for the vlogger? But the attack did not just stop there. Danis uploaded a picture with FaZe Banks indicating further that there might be a match between him and the YouTuber as per Paul’s own wish. Apparently, Paul has only given them three months to prepare for a bout.

It seems like Jake Paul really needs to figure out who he is challenging. We all saw him make money with the whole KSI fight. But his habit of challenging people is getting weird as he even called out songwriter Chris Brown who wishes to not get involved in any YouTube drama. Let’s see if Paul will now react to Dillon’s latest tweets.

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