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Ryan Higa Parodies Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul Series

It's better than Youtube Rewind 2018 guys

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Okay, we did not see this coming. Ryan Higa, YouTuber whose name is nigahiga, is famous for his elaborate skits which are definitely well thought out and take a lot of hard work and time to execute. But this time, Ryan out did even himself. He took on the iconic docuseries of Shane Dawson about Jake Paul and gave us something to marvel at. But the catch? Ryan aka nigahiga played both Shane Dawson’s role and Jake Paul’s role! If anyone can pull such a feat off, it’s him.

Introducing Rane Hawson

Introducing Rane Hawson

Rane Hawson, is a modified depiction of Shane Dawson that Ryan Higa brilliantly portrays. He’s the film maker out to make something good using inspiration from “Inside the Mind of Jake Paul Series”. The two try to make some casual conversation before Rane dives deep into important questions trying to figure out if fake Ryan Higa is a sociopath like Jake Paul or not. It mimics how the initial episodes of Shane’s series were aiming to paint the real Jake Paul out to be a sociopath just to make the series entertaining.

Fake Ryan Higa is Thinly Veiled Version of Jake Paul

Ryan Higa Thinly Veiled Version of Jake Paul

This fake Ryan Higa is portraying Jake Paul in the “Inside the mind of Jake Paul” series. It’s a hilarious and brilliant portrayal of the real Paul brother. But, it still has hints of characteristics that the real Ryan Higa has.

Plot Twist: Rane Hawson Having a Mental Breakdown?

A climax of the 22 minute video arises when Ryan Higa’s character Rane Hawson has a mental breakdown when the fake Ryan Higa aka nigahiga asks him why he’s doing the parody video in the first place. That’s when Rane opens up about how he’s doing YouTube for 12 years and he doesn’t like doing trends but sometimes it gets hard to come up with new video ideas. A montage of all of the real Ryan Higa’s characters comes on the screen and the fake Ryan Higa talks about how it’s all a cover up for how sad and broken he really feels inside. Since, both characters are played by the real Ryan, it’s easy to assume it’s a thinly veiled version of himself.

What does Shane Dawson think about it?

Shane seems to appreciate the hard work put into it. Both Shane and Nigahiga are YouTube veterans and were here since the early days of YouTube. It was endearing to see both support each other in a positive way.

Check out the video here!

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