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Would ‘A Star Is Born’ be in Oscar Contention if JLo and Will Smith Were Leads?

Would A Star is Born be considered for Oscars if it had starred Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez as the leads

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A Star is Born is one of the top performing movies of 2018. Headlined by director and actor Bradley Cooper. And dazzling with stellar performances by Lady Gaga. The movie has already been nominated for Golden Globes and Grammy awards. It is already a huge favorite for Oscars. It could have been a different movie though. If things have gone differently, the movie would have starred Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith. Which makes me wonder if the movie would have been considered as an Oscar winning movie? With these two actors starring as the leads, of course.

JLo Reveals A Role She Never Got

In a recent interview with Extra, Jennifer Lopez explained that she could have starred in A Star in Born. According to the 49 year old singer/actress,

‘Will and I talked about it and talked about developing the script. It just never took off. Projects are like that.’

Jennifer wasn’t holding grudges though. She sent positive vibes to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga for giving stellar performances,

‘I’m really proud of Bradley [Cooper] , for directing his first film, we’re friends, and watching Gaga do her thing in the movie, it’s just great.’

It was also reported that the project has been in the pipeline for a long time. Beyonce had also been a strong contender to play the part of Ally. While Clint Eastwood had been tapped to direct.

What If?

While the movie turned out great. Bradley Cooper seems likely to be nominated for both his acting and direction in the movie. While Lady Gaga is a stronger candidate to land a nomination. Since I learned that JLo and Will Smith might have possibly acted in the movie. I have a lot of questions about what the movie would have been like.

Prior Experience

While we cannot take away anything from both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Nor from their performance. I cannot hesitate to say that JLo and Will Smith definitely had more experience. JLo is a multi-award winning singer/performer. We cannot forget that she starred in Selena-a biopic for the legendary Latino singer.

And no one can forget that WIll Smith can sing.

And who can forget?

If anyone thinks Will cannot sing some seriously emotional songs.

So it is clear that Will and JLo are very experienced in doing singing performances.

A Different Genre

If JLo and Will Smith had starred in the movie. The music might have been different. With Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, they picked country music. However, with JLo and Will Smith, they would have picked some other music close to pop or RndB.

Same Story, Different People

While the stars would have varied, the movie was very much a remake. It was the fourth remake of the 1937 film starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric was remade in 1954 with Judy Garland, in 1976 with Barbra Streisand. So it is very clear that while the movie’s cast would be different. The story would have been pretty much the same.

Oscar Contention

While speaking about artistic abilities, JLo and Will Smith possess, there is no guarantee about the Oscars. Moreover, it begs the question that if JLo and Will Smith were in the movie, it might have been a commercial movie.

Oscars Dilemma

The one thing that really got me after I read that JLo and Will Smith were set to play the characters. If they would have, the movie would not have been an Oscar favorite. Before you disagree, here are my reasons.

Oscar Favorite

Bradley Cooper has been an Oscar favorite for quite some time. He had been a part of some Oscar nominated movies. So we can imagine that Oscars would love to welcome back a favorite. Even though Will Smith is also a veteran nomination. Twice no less. He was outraged and boycotted the Oscar ceremony in 2016 for no black nominations. He was snubbed for his role in “Concussion“. So considerably, Bradley Cooper is looking like a candidate who will have better chances.

Oscars So White

It was a movement from which Hollywood is still recovering. In 2016, a lot of actors of different ethnicities boycotted the show. It was a protest against the lack of diversity. I believe that JLo and Will Smith led A Star is Born would not have been the same Oscar contender for the very same reason. There would not have been any Oscar buzz. Since the project is helmed by two Caucasion actors. You might not accept it but it is undeniable.

The nomination process is still rigged. It is reforming but it will take time.

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