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Shane Dawson To Make a New Palette Thanks to Jeffree Star

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Shane Dawson, in his docuseries about Jeffree Star, took a tour of the make-up business mogul’s entire make-up business. To say that Shane Dawson and co. were shook, is an understatement. The YouTuber was impressed with how make-up works and found it all very fascinating. It led to him asking Jeffree about him wanting to do make-up himself. Jeffree encouraged this idea to create make-up because he genuinely thinks Shane is capable of doing so.

In his latest Instagram stories, Shane showed us that he ordered Jeffree Star’s new palette which is the Alien palette so that he could do some research. The duo talked about doing another series where Shane might create his own make-up where the audience could see an in-depth view of how the make-up industry works. Shane was definitely intrigued by the idea. He now says that coming next year, the duo will partner up and create this Shane’s line of make-up!

Even Jeffree Star confirmed it officially on his Twitter.

Shane Dawson Checking out Jeffree’s Alien Palette

Shane Dawson Checking Out Jeffree Star Alien Palette

Shane Dawson put up stories on Instagram where he showed us that he ordered Jeffree Star’s new Alien palette, where he seemed to be taking a keen interest on the make-up and pigments and such. Feels like Shane is really going into this thing!

Shane Dawson Opens Jeffree Star Alien Palette

And it seems like the fans want them to do this huge make-up collaboration and Jeffree is right, it indeed has never been done before.

Fans Love Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Collaboration

And it’s official! The two are about to embark on the most iconic docuseries yet again. It’ll certainly be interesting to witness the behind-the-scenes of the make-up industry. With Shane’s whimsical nature and sincere hard work, we’re sure we’ll get to see something unforgettable.

Maybe, it’ll be a new Pig palette? Who knows! We have to patiently wait for the series to come out. But, Shane’s been working on a conspiracy video for quite a while now so we may get to see that first.

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