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Leonardo DiCaprio to Return his Oscar After A Fraud Scandal

Leonardo DiCaprio to return Oscar trophy to the Academy after a fraud case comes forward but wait...

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Oh my Leo! After over 30 years of movies and various projects, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar in 2016. Having alluded to get one for years. We can understand that it was an emotional moment.

However, we have learned that Leonardo might have to return his Golden man. That’s right! Or maybe it’s not right.

Which Oscar?

While any die hard Leonardo DiCaprio fan died inside. There is a little plot twist. It is not actually the Oscar he won that he will return. It is really an Oscar gifted to him. So basically, Leonardo gets to keep his 2016 statue at home. He is going to have to return an Oscar trophy that Marlon Brando won in 1954 for On The Waterfront.

How Did he Get it?

After the confusion has been cleared a little. We are thinking what Leonardo DiCaprio was doing with Marlon Brando’s trophy. According to our information, the Oscar was purchased by Malaysian financier Jho Low at an auction for $600,000. He also financed The Wolf Of Wall Street. He subsequently gave Leonardo the award. However, it turns out that Leonardo will be returning the Brando trophy. The reason  is that Low is now accused of committing billions of dollars of fraud.

What Else?

Reportedly, the Oscar was not the only purchase that Low made. He also bought an original Pablo Picasso painting which will also need to be returned; Low also purchased a see-through grand piano, a Monet and van Gogh, a $250 million super yacht with a cinema and helicopter pad, and a $35 million (£28 million) Bombardier jet. The transparent piano was at Miranda Kerr’s house. She will also return every item she was presented by Low.

Not A Penny Less

While this seem as a far fetched concept. Why would anyone shower someone with such expensive guest. Guess we’ll never know. However, John Low has been involved in a major fraud scandal. So the U.S. will be investigating Low’s finances. Low is presently laying low in China. All the material that has been confiscated also included Miranda Kerr’s piano. She graciously gave it up and we are wondering whether she will get it back.

However, the Maron Brando Oscar will not be coming back to Leonardo. The Academy of Arts and Motion Picture is authorized to purchase the award for a price as low as $1.

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