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Gabbie Hanna’s New Song Tops The Meme Game

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Gabbie Hanna released a song titled Monster which became a quick hit due to its double meaning lyrics. One particular phrase from the song, ‘So What If I’m The Monster’ immediately struck up major public attention. In fact, Hanna had to use the original music video as an opportunity to explain to fans the real meaning behind those lyrics. But probably came to no use. And that’s because fans still jumped at the occasion to make some terrifying memes out of it. Let’s thank the ability to edit anything online infinitely!

Gabbie Hanna even stopped at a Genius interview to elaborate on some meanings from lyrics of her upcoming album. It is titled This Time Next Year but the Monster song has grabbed attention everywhere. Her interview clip featuring the YouTuber singing to the chorus of ‘Monster’ soon became a favorite at the meme game. Apparently, the song is about losing friendships and self analysis. But here’s a quick look into how it took over the internet!

Is there still a doubt that people just can’t get the chorus out of their minds?

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