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Mature Response By Superwoman to PewDiePie Calling Her Out

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PewDiePie seemingly comes after the YouTuber Superwoman again for her complaint about Forbes list of highest paid YouTubers. Superwoman, also known as Lilly Singh, recently complained about the fact that the list does not include any female YouTubers. PewDiePie, in his latest edition of Pew News seemed to classify this complaint as baseless and stupid. Previously, PewDiePie came after Lilly Singh for making a huge deal about taking a break from YouTube.

PewDiePie Goes After Superwoman Complaining about Forbes List

The Swedish YouTuber stated in his video that it’s quite stupid to complain about female YouTubers not being on the list. Mainly because the Google AdSense does not favor men over women, it’s completely objective. People subscribe to YouTubers not based on gender but rather the content each particular YouTuber produces. There’s no conventional sexism that’s penetrated the digital world of YouTube, because Google AdSense doesn’t even take gender into consideration.

Did PewDiePie Go Too Far?

PewDiePie made it abundantly clear that he does not like Superwoman complaining about Forbes List but he ended up calling her a “crybaby” and an “idiot.”

“If you start complaining about this you sound like a crybaby and an idiot, which you are, Lilly Singh, in case you weren’t sure,”

Superwoman’s Mature Response

We all know that Superwoman aka Lilly Singh does not want to enter into petty feuds and exact revenge on anyone. She’s always a strong advocate of positivity and growth. Obviously, she must have noticed PewDiePie calling her out on everything she does. But this is what she had to say.

This is her response about the Forbes List fiasco.

Moreover, regarding PewDiePie’s negative remarks about her, she had the following to say.

Will PewDiePie Reconcile?

We don’t know if they spoke or not. But considering the fact that PewDiePie’s video came out on the same day too, there can still be hope for reconciliation. But it seems like Lilly Singh is being a bigger person in this whole scenario. At least, she’s not reacting by attacking Felix and what he stands for. The YouTuber is just trying to defend herself. It’s all right for Felix to not agree with he but there’s no reason for him to say the negative stuff he says.

Both are YouTube veterans and can put aside their differences. Superwoman does a lot of charity work, and PewDiePie himself took the attention he’s gaining from his battle with T-Series to give donations to children in India. There’s no reason for anyone to call anyone out.

Who knows, maybe the both will fix this feud that PewDiePie enlightened and might make an appearance in Superwoman’s iconic Christmas collabs.

Recently, PewDiePie put himself in hot waters again for promoting a channel that has anti-Semitic comments.

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  1. Riccardo says

    How is she beeing the bigger person? She just completely ignored the criticism she recieved and proceded to lable it as “negative energy” and blame Pewdiepie for “releasing it in the world”. That totally sounds like an adult speaking. Meanwhile she managed to reiterate that the absence of women in forbes list is a “cultural trend” which is simply not true.

    Regarding previous criticism from Pewdiepie, he explains his point clearly in the video titled -Pewdiepie Printers Hack”, here’s the link
    10:35 “The reason why I criticized Lily was because I made the same mistake. I made a video where I said I’m going on a break […] and in retrospect I wish I had just taken time off. […] because if you announce that you are taking a break as a youtuber, because you are burned out or whatever whatever was the season, then you are still putting youtube first, and that’s not fixing the problem.”

    Let me conclude by praising your efforts to remove bias from this article and stick to the reporting of facts. These days the internet seems a smearing machine but you’ve proven your editorial stands above partisan garbage. Good work.


  2. An intellectual says

    Did… Did someone just say a reasonable thing on the internet!?

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