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Brightburn Looks More Promising Than Avengers: Endgame And Captain Marvel

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The recently Released trailer of Sony’s Brightburn implies a better impression than Disney’s Avenger: Endgame and Marvel’s teaser of Captain Marvel.

Season Of Superhero Teasers: Brightburn, Avenger: Endgame and Captain Marvel Lead The Rest

The hyped views on Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel trailers are under threat because Sony’s recent superhero flick-‘Brightburn’, appears to lead the teaser viewership; beating the rest two superhero titans.

Not stressing upon Brightburn, Avengers: Endgame received a splendid 289 million online views in the first 24 hours. In fact, the fresh teaser gained around 50 million more views than the first 24 hours for Avengers: Infinity War release of  2017.

Likewise, Marvel Studios are pretty happy as their Captain Marvel trailer earned 109 million views in just initial 24 hours display. Captain Marvel teaser is therefore the 11th most watched trailer.

Initially, it seems that Sony is delaying the teaser of its upcoming Spider-man: Far from Home, to run after the Marvel and Disney exhibitions. Hence, it is now obvious that Sony has something grand in the bag to release in December, the- Brightburn.

Brightburn, The Most Striking Trailer Of The Week

Although Brightburn is Sony’s exclusive superhero show that dominates the screen as the most stirring trailer of the week, this is a grand week for superhero displays, courtesy to Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel.

The Horror-Themed Brightburn From James Gunn

Surprisingly, this time, Brightburn is featuring Superman in a horror mode. The super-nemesis show is produced by James Gunn.

Previously, Walt Disney out of the blue erased Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. This decision is the response to Gunn’s repugnant twitter comments. For these consequences, the marketing campaign of Brightburn is dragged back and Gunn became busy in directing DC’s Suicide Squad sequel.

Brightburn And Evil Superman

Brightburn showcases the story of the celestial superhero who for some instance reached earth. Then a couple, Elizabeth Bank and David Denman who are desperately praying for a child. However, as -Brandon Breyer reached his teenage something unusual other than superpowers awakens in him.
Your iconic Super-man is there with his signature mask and cloak but this time with some spooky twists. Interestingly, this time the superpowers speak with frenzy violence in contrast to his conventional dexterous image.

Furthermore, Brian and Mark Gunn develop the script of the movie. James Gunn produced the film and  David Yarovesky directed this superhero horror drama. However, Sony’s officials highlighted the movie as exclusively James Gunn’s show.

In the second place, the movie entails familiar font, music, fashion line and settings from Zimmer’s recognizable ‘Man of Steel’

BrightBurn will  hit the theatres on May 24, 2019, in the UK, and on May 27, 2019, in the US. However, the release the date for Australia release is still pending.

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