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The Oscars 2019 To Happen Without A Host?

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It appears that the troubles for the Oscars will not culminate anytime soon. With the viewership already in decline, and with the degree of scorn against prejudiced nominations only increasin, the Oscars have now forayed into a cataclysmic void of irrelevance. And perhaps this new controversy is going to serve as the final nail in the coffin in thr Academy’s most cynical days. Last week, Kevin Hart stepped out of his hosting duties, leaving the Oscars 2019 practically faceless. And now, recent developments confirm, that no big celebrity is ready to aassume the mantle of the Academy Awards 2019 presenter. Artists who had earlier compèred at the Oscars, including Ellen DeGeneres, Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris have all declined the offer owing to the rewardless and unfulfilling psyche of the job. And with only a few months left until the ceremony goes live, The Academy Awards 2019 will apparently have to go on without a host.

Unable To Find A Suitable Oscars 2019 Host, The Academy To Go One Without One?

With no one volunteering to take up the hosting gig, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences is apparently reconsidering their options. Particularly, the option of not having an individual host for the evening at all. But rather “a bunch of huge celebs, something SNL style, and buzzy people to throw to commercial.”

Its Not Just About Kevin Hart…

The regular controversies around the Oscars hosts have led The Academy to become toothless over the matter. For now, it appears these are the most tragic days for the Academy. After all, its host Kevin Hart controversially stepped down refusing to apologize for the cutting remarks he had made about the LGBTQ community years ago. But this is literally just the icing on the cake. In the past, Oscars have suffered the repercussions of an #Envelopegate, where Jimmy Kimmel wrongly handled the prize for the best picture to La La Land instead of Moonlight. Later on, Kimmel also made startling revelations about the Oscars hosting job. He dawned upon the minimal wages. And he also elaborated upon how the Academy wanted its hosts to have their own writing teams, taking no interest in the quality of discourse the host were arranging for the show.

Keeping all this mayhem in mind, it is understandable why The Academy does not want to take anymore risks. And for this reason it has also dropped the idea of recruiting a late night TV show host for the gig. It seemingly does not want to land into another wrangle with its host delivering edgy, politically biased remarks. And; hence, the dilemma for selecting an apt Oscars 2019 host continues.

What About Hannah Gadsby?

Australian Comedian Hannah Gadsby’s name popped up recently as the Academy Awards 2019 host. However, the Academy is not quite sure about her lack of star power. Furthermore Gadsby cannot be relied upon for her satire. She has taken digs at Jimmy Kimmel in the past, and the Academy fears that she might do it again. Zeroing Gadsby for the stint would mean bringing in yet another  biased Oscars 2019 host.

What The Academy Has To Say About Kevin Hart’s Exit?

The Academy had initially not expected Kevin Hart to walk out of is hosting duties as the Academy Awards 2019 host. They had expected an apology for his decade-long homophobic comments. However Kevin Hart put his foot down, and was not ready to revisit the issue again. An Academy representative commented on the issue.

He says,

“My clients are bummed. They’re bummed Kevin didn’t stay the course and serve as an example. It dampens the experience. Hopefully [the Academy] can pull it together. So we can focus on the excitement”.

The Board of Governors will meet on Tuesday night at a previously-scheduled meeting. There the matter will be discussed and resolved. There is a great pressure on the Academy to find a way out of this malaise  before February 24th. Moreover, the lack of contingency planning at ABC is pouring in just more anxiety.

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