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Jameela Jamil Teaching Herself Feminism

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Popular actress and activist Jameela Jamil has taken feminism too seriously. And that does not only imply that she has added a ‘feminist’ label to her personality or profile. But in fact, Jameela Jamil is still learning, and is a feminist in progress. Her latest social media posts both on Instagram and Twitter have been dedicated to learning and preaching feminism to not herself, but also her followers. And really, this latest take on feminism is enough to tarnish your existing beliefs. And most importantly, the idea that feminism is just siding with and defending other women. Jameela Jamil has admitted that she does not know it all yet. And that The Good Place actress is still learning. For her latest social media campaign for a feminist in progress, Jamil has initiated the hashtag #IntersectionalFeministIsTheOnlyTrueFeminism.

Jameela Jamil Still a ‘Feminist In Progress’

Jameela Jamil took to Twitter to unveil the picture of true feminism that we are still not fully acquainted with. The feminist in progress shared that feminism does not mean that you never call out to other women who are wrong. If anything that practice was not progressive at all. If feminism asked us to call out men who hurt other women, we should apply the same behavior with women who do so. A person’s gender should not move them out of being accountable for their bad behavior. What people should focus on is setting boundaries that helps in eliminating toxic people out of someone’s life.

Jameela Jamil added that in the past, she has been a misguiding, ignorant and non inter-sectional feminist. And that she was grateful to women who called out to her when she was wrong. They taught her that she could do better. She concluded with saying that most of them were feminists in progress, and they had a lot more work to do.

Jameela Jamil also added a post on Instagram admitting that she had millions of mistakes but was still learning. And that all people had to do was accept the flaw and then continue to grow. She asked people to not hate each other but instead come together so they could all educate each other.

In her next Instagram post, Jameela Jamil recommended people the book ‘Everything’s Trash’ saying that the feminism chapter made her realize that she was not the ally she thought she is. And by siding with the marginalized, she had herself become a part of the problem.

Jameela Jamil- the feminist in progress is not just learning, but also giving us valuable lessons on feminism.

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