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Not One, But NBC Releases Three Alternate Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Trailers!

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And it’s officially here. Time to scream: NINE NINE. With only a month left until Brooklyn Nine-Nine revives itself on NBC, the network and the show both have revealed on the respective Twitter accounts a brand new Brooklyn Nine Nine season 6 trailer. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine official Twitter account captions the video as ‘the best 95 seconds of your life’. Undoubtedly are. Andy Samberg’s recurring fantasy to live Die Hard comes to life in this new trailer. Well, not really. But we didn’t mind Jack jumping heroically from a building to helicopter, albeit in his own imagination, either. What’s crazier about this trailer release is that NBC has released not one but three different versions of the same trailer.

The Official Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Trailer Features A Die Hard Andy Samberg,  Noice!

The latest Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 trailer presents a dramatic reenactment of the department new recruitment video. Jake wants to steal all the spotlight, yet again and this all new Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6. The jokes are fresh, Andy Samberg is hot, and we cannot be any more excited about the show returning to TV screens this January.

The Death And Revival Of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Back in May, Fox pulled the plug of this lovable precinct and within thirty-one hours NBC offered a foster home to the wildly popular sitcom. NBC has been largely generous to the fan believed police procedural comedy. First it rescued Brooklyn Nine-Nine from the deadly hollows of an irreversible cancellation. Next, it upped its initial 13 episode order by adding 5 new episodes, making the season order for Brooklyn Nine-Nine a wholesome 18 episode treat.

What’s more hilarious about the new Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6 trailer is that the network captioned it like a sex tape. And this did not go unnoticed by the fans.

NBC had teased this trailer 2 days ago on its official Twitter account.

Not One, But Three Different Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trailers?

This new Marvel-esque trailer has bloated the fans with a layer of it stream elation and excitement. Furthermore, the show continues to overwhelm fans. There are alternate versions of the Brooklyn Nine Nine trailer available on YouTube and Instagram. When a fan pointed this out to NBC to network replied hinting towards different trailers at different social media platforms.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 6 premieres on NBC on Thursday, January 10th, 2019.

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