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Uh-Oh! Qorygore Following Logan Paul’s Controversial YouTube Antic

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An Indonesian YouTuber Qorygore is earning plenty of accusations for posting his YouTube video, featuring the similar stunt of Logan Paul. Both these Aokigahara forest (Japan) aka suicidal forest antics for finding a dead body receive huge slams from the public as well as the YouTube authorities.

Qorygore YouTube Video Follows Logan Paul Trend:

Qorygore, the gaming Youtuber cum rapper from Indonesia has 888,000 subscribers on his list. For his latest yet unusual YouTube video, the young adventurer cynically filmed himself inside Japan’s Aokigahara Forest. The forest is also known as Japan’s suicide forest. In fact, it is one of the world’s most known suicide destination.

What’s Inside The Qorygore Video:

In this video, the Indonesian rapper and some of his friends were wandering in Aokigahara Forest to find out a dead body. Moreover, this stunt is exactly similar to Logan Paul’s highly criticized December 2017 stunt. Before entering into the forest expedition Qorygore stated, “No dead bodies, no fun.” He further stated, “I went all the way to Japan. This is Logan Paul 2.0.” Moreover, Qorygore and his buddies threw jokes about the body.

Coconuts has revealed that the video received 575,000 page views just in two days before YouTube erased it.

Furthermore, the Indonesian YouTuber Qory showed up on another YouTuber Eno Bening’s podcast where he insisted that he doesn’t know whether the ‘body’ they found was genuinely a dead body.
According to Qorygore, ‘It was a pile covered by a raincoat like a pocong (Indonesian ghost). Because I respected the dead body, I didn’t get really close to him.’

Secondly, Qory apologized for his YouTube eccentric show in his next video.

Logan Paul’s Controversial Stunt And Consequences

Likewise, Logan Paul has performed a similar stunt in 2017. The longer controversial vlog about Japan reads, ‘We found a dead body in the Japanese suicide forest’.

Unfortunately, Logan Paul had to face a disastrous effect of this post. The celebrity with 15 million subscribers at that time bore strict punishment for his idiosyncratic video.

The video telecasted a hanged dead body with a blurred face, while Logan and his friends were moving around it.
Moreover, Logan repeatedly zoomed his face. For this stupid show, Youtuber took strict action against Logan and pulled the Video from its platform. The video channel even temporarily restricts all ads from appearing on his videos.

Later, Logan issued an apology and the boxer is back on YouTube with a suicide prevention video and a pledge to donate $1 million to a suicide prevention organization.

Despite the outrage, Logan collected $14.5 million (£11 million) this year via his boxing match with KSI, at Manchester Arena,
In addition, the star earned 3 million extra subscribers on his channel.

in fact, Qorygore fans defended him on Twitter. They posted a recent tweet,

 “he is NOT any different to logan. they both did it for the views and the stunts.”

Wait and Watch for the YouTube response on Qorygore video!
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