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Logan Paul Puts Hilarious Condition to PewDiePie Vs T-Series Race

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These past few months have certainly been crazy on YouTube. Either YouTubers have broken up or there are feuds and other drama everywhere. But this race between PewDiePie and Bollywood company T-series to become the most viewed channel steals the highlights. Now that other great YouTube stars are getting involved to help PewDiePie win, Logan Paul is here to spice things up. Previously, Mr Beast suggested that the Paul brothers should use their popularity to the support of PewDiePie. And PewDiePie himself requested Logan Paul to put aside their differences and help him win. Although Paul is in on the game, he has added his own hilarious condition. Logan Paul is adding all his efforts into the PewDiePie versus T-series race. But the controversial YouTuber needs some repayment. And whether or not PewDiePie will acknowledge the return favor or not is yet to be seen.

Logan Paul Extends Support in PewDiePie versus T-Series Race

The intense PewDiePie versus T-Series race is still nowhere near its end. But now that the controversial YouTuber Logan Paul has stepped in, it’s better than ever. In a response video posted on December 6th, Paul agreed to help PewDiePie and is even raising a massive charity fund. He also added a traceable link in the description of his video, which automatically subscribes users to PewDiePie’s channel. He also announced that that he will donate one Swedish Krona for every subscriber gained via his link to the Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation. This is a Swedish charity organization which is trying to normalize conversation around suicide and mental health. For this movement, Logan Paul came up with a special hashtag dubbed ‘#PewDiePaul’.

He made his decision to assist fellow YouTuber in the PewDiePie versus T-series race public on Twitter as well.

However, up till here, Logan Paul has not displayed his twist to the situation. In return for his efforts in the race, Paul has sent PewDiePie a special article of Maverick merch and requires him to wear it in his upcoming video. Although we have not seen PewDiePie fulfill this demand yet, he probably will have to if he needs Logan Paul and his support against the Bollywood nemesis.

Let’s see how the PewDiePie versus T-series race goes!

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