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Logan Paul Thinks YouTube Censors Him

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The popular but highly controversial YouTuber Logan Paul loves making the headlines every day. And he is back at it! Now he has come forward by believing a theory that YouTube has been censoring him. The theory which initially was suggested by another popular YouTuber Keemstar. Apparently, he claimed that YouTube deliberately down ranked videos which were tagged Logan Paul. And he based his theory on his own observation when a video tagged Logan Paul had fewer views only till it contained his name. Always quick to seek attention, Logan Paul bought it immediately. But YouTube has clearly denied any such possibility. And does the platform even need to be secretive when employing any censoring strategies? Probably not, because previously, they terminated the conspiracy channel Infowars and announced it publicly. And even when Logan Paul was removed from the preferred ads program, YouTube made no effort in hiding the news.

Keemstar Claims YouTube is Censoring Videos Tagged ‘Logan Paul’

Fellow YouTuber Keemstar suggested that every time he uploaded a video tagged Logan Paul, it garnered fewer views than usual. In fact, he conducted out his own little experiment which concluded that YouTube was deliberately down ranking videos tagged Logan Paul. And he shared the results of his experiment on Twitter. After tagging Logan Paul, he saw that his video had a lot lesser number of visits. But after removing the controversial star’s name, the results did a lot better. Keemstar with his gossipy news channel called DramaAlert posted a video of the results online.

Logan Paul quickly bought the idea re-posting it and added that he hated to say this, but it was just based on facts. And that he hoped YouTube would love him again.

But YouTube has clearly announced that any such thing is not true. And that the platform does not down rank any videos based on creators or tags. If anything, YouTube brags about all the instances when they are censoring content. They publicly flagged the news when they terminated the conspiracy channel Infowars. And also, when they punished Logan Paul for his stunt in the suicide forest. The network took the vlogger off from their preferred ads program which gives advertisers access to the top YouTube channels  It also delayed the release of his film on his online channel. And also, dropped him off for a while when his videos continually violated their policies. But it was no secret, and they published the news on Twitter.

So, do you believe that YouTube has been censoring Logan Paul?

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