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Superwoman aka Lilly Singh Back on Youtube with Annual 12 Collabs of Christmas

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A month ago, one of YouTube’s beloved content creators, Superwoman aka Lilly Singh revealed that she was to take a break from the platform. PewDiePie even made a response to her entire video, saying it was too much. But, Superwoman just wanted to inform everyone that she needed a break in order to get her creative juices flowing again. And she did just that! Surely, Superwoman never disappoints. The YouTuber announced on Instagram that she’s back with her annual collabs during Christmas time.

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It’s been a month since I’ve shot anything creative for my channel. But behind the scenes, I’ve slowly been brainstorming. I’ve taken time to focus on ideas that excite me, which is why I’m thrilled to announce my return with my annual 12 Collabs of Christmas. I love this series so much and I’m very grateful I get to execute it with the level of clarity I currently have. It feels so much better than pushing out constant content that I’m not completely proud of. After this series, I’ll still have some decisions to make about my state on YouTube. But I figure this is the perfect way for me to learn HOW I am the best creative version of myself. So… tomorrow my growth, reflection and creativity continue. Let’s do this! Thank you for your support!! Love you always ❤️❤️

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Superwoman’s 12 Collabs of Christmas

Over the years, Superwoman aka Lilly Singh, has made it her special brand to give us these iconic and unique 12 collabs of Christmas. She makes 12 videos throughout the month of December every year. They are collaborations with several other YouTubers and even famous celebrities.

Lilly Singh unleashes her creative genius in the Christmas themed videos and truly does go all out to entertain us. Whether it be doing a realistic talk-show with Chelsea Handler, or getting Priyanka Chopra to be her wing woman at a bar, and even getting her real husband Nick Jonas to act as her fake boyfriend, all will have you roaring in laughter. The light-hearted nature of these videos promise to put you in the Christmas spirit. Who wouldn’t smile to see John Legend sing on the background as Lilly Singh imitates relatable daily events to us?

It even has collabs with other famous and beloved YouTubers. We see Shane Dawson and Lilly Singh imitating how the public is offended over jokes online. Rudy Mancuso acting as her crush who’s actually gay. It even has Miranda Sings, Markiplier and D-Trix! If anyone is the queen of Christmas collabs, it’s Superwoman aka Lilly Singh!

As a result, we’re so excited to have Superwoman back on our screens to enlighten our days again. It’ll be great to see what she comes up with and who stars alongside her.

The first video of the collabs is set to be out tomorrow. Tune in to Superwoman and watch her shine! Lilly Singh was surely missed.

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