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Fan Hacks Multiple Printers Asking People To Subscribe To PewDiePie

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As the battle between Youtube sensation PewDiePie and Indian music company T-Series intensifies, fans of both parties are leaving no stone unturned for the victory of their beloved YouTube channel. The number of subscribers for both the channels continue the grow at a rapid rate, surpassing numbers as big as 73.5M. Die-hard devotees of both the brands are ready to go any lengths to bring the channels additional subscribers, by hook or by crook. Recently, an ardent PewDiePie fan has reportedly hacked 50,000 printers. The printers now render additional messages upon operation, calling for people to subscribe to PewDiePie on YouTube.

PewDiePie Vs. T-Series The Subscriber Race

Currently, PewDiePie holds a total of 73,515,166 subscribers. Though its currently the most-subscribed YouTube entity, T-series is posing a large threat to the gaming vlogger with its soaring number of subscribers. Posting several Bollywood trailers and songs, T-Series presently holds 73,199,186 subscribers. T-series’ ever growing numbers have become a matter of concern for PewDiePie fans. A tech-savvy fan of the YouTube giant; hence, devised a fresh strategy to boost the subscribers of his favorite channel. He hacked printers across the globe, sending messages to people to follow the YouTuber.

Fan Hacks Workplace Printers To Campaign For PewDiePie In Subscriber Race

Over the past weeks, Twitterati has been posting startling confessions about the security issues with their printers. The hacking issue arose primarily on Wednesday, especially in offices. A Twitter user reported that strange messages asking to subscribe to PewDiePie appeared on the cheques he was printing in his office.

The message read:

“PewDiePie is in trouble and he needs your help to defeat T-Series! PewDiePie, the currently most-subscribed-to channel on YouTube, is at stake of losing his position as the number one position by an Indian company called T-Series, that simply uploads videos of Bollywood trailers and songs.”

The message asked people to unsubscribe T-Series and subscribe to PewDiePie. A twitter account that goes by the name TheHackerGiraffe has claimed responsibility of the incident. Moreover, he also described how he carried the entire hacking procedure. He mentions that he was apparently bored after playing destiny 2 for long hours. Thus, he decided to help his Youtube star gain more subscribers to end his boredom.

PewDiePie Fan Talks About Printer Security Issues And Susceptibility

The hacker mentions that he found that more than 800,000 were susceptible to hacking. He then picked the first 50,000 printers to take advantage if their security vulnerability. The hacker also mentions that a part of this exercise involved spreading awareness about peripheral security.

Signs unfortunately do not appear auspicious for PewDiePie. It appears that T-Series will soon seize  throne and establish itself as the winner in this subscriber race.

But PewDiePie has won our hearts by transforming the attention he received from all of this into something positive. He urged all his fans to donate to a charity in India that combats child labor.

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