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Rejoice! Friends is NOT Leaving Netflix!

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Many reports emerged bearing the sad news that Friends was about to leave Netflix on 1st January 2019. But now it seems that it is not! Netflix’s official Instagram account confirms this using a hilarious screenshot of Ross embodying the Holiday Armadillo. Rejoice fans, for Friends will remain for us on Netflix! At least through most of 2019.

Will it be On Netflix Forever?

That seems to be highly unlikely as the Netflix tab now says that Friends will be available until January 1st of 2020. So, unfortunately our streaming days of Friends on Netflix will be over in 2020. It’s believed that Warner Bros. wishes to create their own streaming service and is trying to claim the licensing on all of its popular sitcoms which includes Friends. And so Friends might not be continuing on the platform anymore. Warner Bros. and Netflix might spark up a new agreement hopefully. It’s definitely going to be hard to keep up with all of the classical shows we can’t let go of if they’re way too many streaming networks with their own hefty costs.

Netflix Paid Big Bucks to Have Friends

In 2014, the streaming service struck a deal with the license owners and got the rights for all ten seasons for a whopping $118 million! The streaming service also transformed the quality of the popular TV show, ensuring it was in top HD quality. The service helped bring the beauty of Friends to a whole new generation, so it would be quite sad to see it leave the platform. Despite the younger generation finding problems with the TV show not being woke enough, it’s still a fan favorite for many. People often re-watch it plenty of times as it has a cult following.

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