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What to Expect from the Avengers 4 Trailer

A few things that we are expecting to see in the upcoming trailer for Avengers 4 which is releasing on Wednesday

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It’s almost a year and Marvel does not disappoint. The studios will reportedly release the first trailer or teaser trailer for Avengers 4. While we are anxiously waiting for the trailer, there are some things that we want to see happen.

Avengers 4 Trailer

It was previously reported that the trailer or teaser trailer for Avengers 4 will be released on Monday. December 3rd.

However, Marvel did not confirm anything. There is new news however.

Things We Want to See

The Title

The Avengers 4 movie has gone without a title till now. There have been clues that the Russo brothers expect us to find. However, it has become one of Marvel’s best Kept secret around the world. With Mark Ruffalo already fired from his job, fans are also weary about what the name could be. The biggest thing any Marvel fan is looking forward to is the title reveal finally?

Hawkeye aka Ronin

Whilst Hawkeye was missing from the movie, we expect him to see in the new trailer as well as the new movie. With a selected team of Avengers, they can do with all the help that they can use. There are rumors that Hawkeye will be transitioning into Ronin from the comic books. So we expect to see a glimpse of that.

What Happened Post Snap?

The most tragic things to happen in Avengers: Infinity War was Thanos’ snap. Half of the population of the world vaporized into sand. Thanos was transported into Soul Stone or so they say. What happened to the world after the snap. We want to find out in the Avengers 4 trailer.

New and Old Heroes

We have already said Hawkeye. Cause honestly, we missed him. There are high hopes that the likes of Ant-Man and Captain Marvel will be in the trailer. Captain Marvel will release in March so it is very much possible that they have she will be featured. And Katherine Langford is joining Avengers 4, it’d be exciting to see her in the new movie.

Avengers Assemble

We love that line. It’s a solid line and we all deserve to hear it in the trailer for Avengers 4. Tony Stark and Captain America were not great friends in Infinity War. With so much tragedy, will they be together or their egos will intervene.

The Plan

Undoubtedly, the only thing on any fan was thinking while they walked out of Avengers Infinity Wars movie. So in the trailer for the next movie, we want to see how the plan is developing in the trailer.

With high hopes and expectations, we are on the look out for Marvel to release the Avengers 4 trailer.

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