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MrBeast Wants Jake Paul and Logan Paul to Help PewDiePie Win Race Against T-Series

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MrBeast is steadfast in his mission to ensure PewDiePie remains the most subscribed YouTuber on the platform and that the spot doesn’t go to Bollywood label T-Series. The race is getting crazier as the days go by. Even an Indian YouTuber started to raise awareness of this issue in his city. Previously, he started a city wide advertisement to buy billboards in his city and even made an 11 hour video saying PewDiePie 100,000 times. Now, he’s enlisting the help the infamous and controversial Paul brothers: Logan Paul and Jake Paul.

Will the Paul Brothers be Able to Help?

Well, considering the huge fan base both brothers individually and collectively have, it would surely help. Recently, Justin Roberts bought a $1 million billboard in Times Square to further help PewDiePie win the race against T-series. Amidst the two Paul brothers, they have about 36 million subscribers on their YouTube channels, 20 million followers on Instagram, and about 8.21 followers on Twitter. Undoubtedly, if even one of the Paul brothers make any efforts to ensure PewDiePie’s remains at the top, it would immensely help.

Update on the Race of PewDiePie Against T-Series

On December 2nd, T-Series almost won the race. The corporate Bollywood label just needed a mere 40,000 increase in their subscribers to surpass PewDiePie. But then Markiplier came to the rescue. Markiplier launched a live stream titled ‘I Literally Won’t Shut Up Until You Subscribe To PewDiePie.’ It gave the Swedish YouTuber about 141,000 more subscribers!

Let’s see if Logan Paul and Jake Paul take part in this crazy online race to ensure PewDiePie remains on the top. Seeing how PewDiePie has often dissed them in his videos, it may be unlikely. But, they may just choose to ignore that and look at the bigger picture.

Plus, the Paul brothers are not known to make the most wisest of decisions. A month ago, Logan Paul stated that he was a Flat Earther, only to be exposed weeks later. He even desired to fight CM Punk who completely dissed him.

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