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Is Disney Killing Marvel TV Shows for Its Streaming Service

Disney maybe the core reason why MARVEL TV is slowly dying

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Netflix has recently cancelled Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist. Moreover, more shows like Jessica Jones, The Punisher and The Defenders might be in danger as well. Which makes us think who may be behind these cancellations. While Netflix has given viable reasons to support their decision. Any dedicated Marvel fan cannot help feeling that the multi-billion dollar conglomerate Disney might be the cause. With the new Disney streaming service around the corner. Marvel fans cannot help but feel that the quality of Marvel TV shows might be getting a Disney treatment. Which will end the Marvel TV as we know it.

Disney Dominance

Disney has become a Hollywood conglomerate. Within the past decade, it has moved on to buy Marvel, Lucasfilms and Pixar. There were some exceptions regarding Marvel properties. Spider Man franchise was owned by Sony Entertainment. While X-Men franchise has been held close by FOX. While Disney has been working hard to buy these franchises, they have not been successful. In such cases, many Marvel dedicated fans will speculate that Disney is trying to control these franchises through Marvel.

Netflix Defenders Gem

While the production houses battled it out in meeting rooms. Marvel signed on for a smaller scale franchise with the Defenders. The Defenders included Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. The Punisher was also introduced in Daredevil. The character became so popular that it got a show of its own. Then came the official season for The Defenders which saw our favorite set of heroes come together. Marvel’s Daredevil became an immediate hit. Jessica Jones first season became a revolutionary show. It showcased a female lead like never seen before. Luke Cage also became a TV phenomenon. The weakest performance among them was Iron Fist. Fans will agree that the show redeemed itself in the second season. These shows became popular for a particular reason.

Rated R

The biggest reason that these shows became a hit was its ‘R’ rating. The shows featured three big things that were forbidden by Disney.

Language and Political Stance

James Gunn was fired even after making Guardians of the Galaxy one of the best franchises in Marvel. Why? Because he had made some unsavory comments in past ignorance. Even after apologizing, Disney fired him. To maintain a Disney PG rating in personal lives as well. Actors signed to Disney have stated that they have to keep a pristine reputation. Otherwise they will be sued. Netflix Defenders and all associated shows broke the status quo. The number of times they said the word ‘fuck’ will give Disney nausea. So, Netflix was unapologetic about making their shows without convention.


One of the most refreshing feature of Netflix MARVEL TV shows was violence. Despite fighting aliens and featuring some of the most kick-ass fighting sequences, Disney has even managed to keep the violence PG rated. So, when Netflix was comfortable with showing the violence required for these shows. It was actually refreshing.

Sexual Content

Netflix was also unapologetic about showing sexual content. ‘Netflix and Chill’ is a statement, that has a significant meaning. So, sexual content was nothing new on the streaming service. Jessica Jones was highlighted for being very sexually explicit but it added substance of the show.

Disney’s Clearing the Board

It may sound like a conspiracy theory. Hear me out. Disney has a new streaming service coming up. Disney+. They are already adding new shows. MARVEL has already confirmed a Loki based show and a Scarlet Witch show. So, it will definitely need all eyes on them. Disney is launching a streaming service at a very late time. Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have already gained a lot of ground. So, what if, Disney is clearing the board. By taking off Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist within three months from Netflix, they are eliminating the possibility of a cult following from building. That is not all, the sword is also hanging over Jesssica Jones, The Punisher and eventually The Defenders.

Rating Excuse

Netflix has drawn attention that the shows had not received as much viewership in the latest seasons. Whereas, the third season of Daredevil has been called the best of what it has been. Luke Cage was praised for delivering a solid sophomore season. Even Iron Fist was applauded for its redeeming quality in the second season. So, there are enough comic-book nerds in the world to keep these shows running. However, if they were pulled from the higher ups at Marvel, Netflix wouldn’t continue the shows. Who is running Marvel? Disney. The ratings reason does not hold because Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC network has not been doing well. However, it was renewed for two new seasons. It is aired on broadcast TV hence posing no threat to the new Disney streaming service. It also helps keep the illusion of Marvel TV alive.

No Competition

On the other hand, Netflix series will always present a comparison in content for the shows. Jessica Jones is already a standard for Marvel leading lady on TV. Imagine if Scarlet Witch is in a scene with Vision, having crazy adventures that are NSFW. That is why, I believe that Disney is getting rid of Marvel shows. I just hope they don’t take Legion on FX off-air.

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