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Once Upon A Deadpool Promises Brand New Content And Throws Shade at Avengers: Infinity War

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A new promo of Once Upon A Deadpool has revealed that the film will have additional 20 minutes of completely fresh content. Furthermore, the fan favorite Merc with a Mouth, Ryan Reynolds, will be back for the holidays season as a toned down edition of Deadpool 2. This will; hence, enable families, children, and people of all ages to finally enjoy the movie. Deadpool 2 is coming back to cinemas with a PG 13 rating. This 2 week Christmas run was announced shortly after the sequel culminated its lucrative run in theaters. This new promo video wasn’t just about announcing the additional time for the movie in fact it also includes some amusing jokes. In fact, the promo also threw shade at Avengers: Infinity War.

New Once Upon A Deadpool Video Promises All New Footage, All New Jokes

Fox released this new promotional video of the revised version of Deadpool 2 via Comic Book. The promotional video features Julian Dennison, who plays Russel Collins/Firefist in Deadpool 2. The video is based on the lines of the first trailer. It congruently follows the Kiwi actor narrating a Christmas bedtime storybook. The jokes reflect from the very narration of the book which has its title as the poster of the film. The promotional video hilariously comments on how Ryan Reynolds obsession with swear words and foul language denied ardent teens from watching their favorite movie. Thus, for the sake of its younger fan base, it was vital to alter the film in a less obnoxious version.

Deadpool 2 Promotional Video Shades Ryan Reynolds, Avengers Infinity War

During the promotional narrations, the reader cracks several jokes. You first mention how despite the R rating youngsters still watched Once Upon A Deadpool on pirated DVDs, albeit in low quality. Later the reader mentioned in his bedtime-esque narration that Deadpool 2 became a hit because “no one died in the end”. This was intended as an obvious satire to the latest Avengers movie, Avengers: Infinity War. Apart from taking digs at Ryan Reynolds and Avengers: Infinity War, the promotional video also promised that this more accessible version of Once Upon A Deadpool will contain brand new jokes as well as 20 minutes of never seen before footage.

Deadpool 2 has been recently mired in several controversies. Recently the news broke out that it was actually a fan who pitched the idea of an M rating Deadpool 2 Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds reached out to the Fan. While the details of their conversation remained confidential, it appears that the to have sorted things out.

When Will Deapool 2 PG-13 Version Be Out?8

The original Deadpool 2 incorporated lots of gory and explicit content. Therefore, this time, not only did the makers had butcher out all R rated content. But the cast also had to shoot for new material towards the end of Summer. This kid friendly version of Once Upon A Deadpool is practically a litmus test for the franchise. They want to determine whether their movies work better with a wider audience or if its the adult friendly content that is main USP of the movies. Apart from parodying Avengers: Infinity War, The Ryan Reynolds starrer will also lampoon UP, Ellie, and Carl.

The PG 13 version of Once Upon A Deadpool will be available in selected Cinemas on December 12th.

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