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Jake Paul Stole Fortnite Content From Another Streamer?

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The Paul brothers strike again! Yet again, Jake Paul is facing a huge controversy. A small Fortnite streamer, known as the ‘ThatDenverGuy’ is accusing Jake Paul of stealing his content. The streamer says that Jake Paul used his footage without permission on his The Girlfriend Fortnite Distractions Challenge Part 2 video. And then when the original owner of the footage went public, Jake Paul tried to get the copyright claims from ‘ThatDenverGuy’.

In the footage, it’s clearly written ‘ThatDenverGuy’, so Paul brother even attempting to fool everyone is just hilarious and pathetic. We’ll obviously be hearing about this news in Pew News from none other than PewDiePie himself. People on Twitter are however graciously defending ‘ThatDenverGuy’ and offering advice on the best way to more forward with these claims.

Big Influencers Stealing From Small Content Creators

The main problem of big influencers and YouTuber celebrities is that they often get away with stealing small creators’ content with almost no problem. It’s because they usually have a lot of fan base supporting them and disgracing the young content creators. Plus, they usually have sufficient financial resources to obtain copyright claims from anyone they’d like.

However, this time the evidence is too big to ignore. The Paul brother won’t easily get away with this one. The vlogger has not acknowledged this and made no comment about it. Probably because he’s busy with his Jake Paul uncut series and the break-up with Erika Costell. Though, since it’s going viral he’ll probably have to deal with these allegations soon.

We’ll keep you updated.

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