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Jennifer Aniston Compares her Character on Dumplin’ With her Mother

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Jennifer Aniston, the Friends actress who’s now starring in new Netflix movie Dumplin’, opens up about strained relationship with her mother. Her mother, Nancy Dow, passed away two years ago. The cause of the strained relationship and feud was due to Dow’s obsession with looks.

Jennifer Aniston Compares Dumplin’ Character to her Mother

The actress declared that there was undeniable similarity between her actual mother and the character she plays in Dumplin’. In Dumplin‘, she is a beauty pageant winner who’s obsessed with looks. And the character has an overweight teenager who does not fulfill the conventional beauty standards which her mother is obsessed with.

In the The Sunday Telegraph, she says about her mother:

“She was a model and she was all about presentation and what she looked like and what I looked like.”

Jennifer Aniston elaborates on the fact that she was not the model child her mother, Nancy Dow, wished for. Talking about her movie daughter, Jennifer says that the teenager girl just wishes for genuine love by her mother but sadly the mother prioritizes things that don’t matter. It was just like that for a teen Jennifer Aniston.

Strained Mother-Daughter Relationship

Nancy Dow never achieved the fame her daughter gained so easily after the success of comedy show Friends. Perhaps, that’s why Nancy wrote a biographical book in 1999 about their strained relationship:
From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir, in 1999.

Jennifer Aniston was indignant over this breach of privacy by her mother. It didn’t seem like the actress wanted to forgive her mother, because she didn’t even invite her mother to her wedding with Brad Pitt. Though, they resolved their issues after Anniston’s divorce. However, they weren’t in close contact. On Nancy Dow’s death, a family quarrel ensued over inheritance money which was denied to Jennifer Aniston and her half-brother.

The actress recalled that her mother was too critical of her and never forgave her. Hence, the two never got along very well.

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