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Billy Eichner Pays Homage to LGBT Aids Patients on World Aids Day

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Billy Eichner, known to be a passionately political celebrity, paid a beautiful homage to all the Aids patients and survivors on World Aids Day. The actor put a special emphasis on the LGBT community who have suffered this horrendous disease over the years. George H. W. Bush died on November 30th and on 1st of December it was World Aids Day. Billy Eichner wanted to remind the people that the Bush and Reagan era completely ignored the Aids epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s

Billy Eichner Reminds us that Reagan and Bush Ignored Aids Epidemic

The public didn’t fully accept the LGBT community. Aids was seen as a disease that only the LGBT community are afflicted with. This conservative thinking led to immense suffering, pain and death of Aids patients of that era. Especially the LGBT community. The book by Randy Shilts, And the Band Plays On, outlines the public perception of the time. Due to homophobic attitudes, there was very less awareness of diseases like AIDS and HIV. As a consequence, there was absolutely no research done on the disease. The government of Reagan took no action to combat this disease.

Billy Eichner had the main aim of reminding everyone the suffering the LGBT community faced in the early years owing to homophobic attitudes by the government of Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

Awareness Grows Everyday

During and after the Reagan and Bush era, many private organizations flared up with the mission to riase awareness about the deadly virus. Most of these organizations catered to the LGBT community too like Gay Men’s Health Crisis, the Lesbian AIDS Project, and SisterLove. All of these groups endeavored to raise awareness of Aids and HIV to erase misconceptions. So that victims of this disease would be helped. Sex education was a priority for these groups.  These groups also offer other services like providing therapy and support groups.

Henceforth, Worlds Aids Day also helps keep people remember those suffering. Thank you Billy Eichner for helping us remember the important facts.

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