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Alyssa Milano Wants Kids in Flint to have a Very Merry Christmas

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To all the generous ones out there, Alyssa Milano is calling out for help. The actress is sacrificing her birthday to ensure that Flint kids receive toys this holiday season. She has recently announced a fundraiser on Twitter, and it has now managed to reached its goal of $20000.

Alyssa Milano Launches A Toys For Tots Fundraiser For Children In Flint Michigan On Her Birthday

Alyssa Milano recently posted a video on Twitter that featured Milano alongside her daughter. There she talked about how children in Flint Michigan did not have access to clean water and 60% of the children there were surviving under the poverty line. She then told that when she discuss the issue with her toddler daughter Elizabella (whom she fondly calls Bella), her daughter suggested her to donate some toys to the children in Flint. Alyssa Milano; hence, started a ‘Toys for Tots’, fundraiser and she is encouraging Twitterati to contribute.

Milano also all her daughter if you wanted to contribute herself. The toddler cutely whispered into her mother’s ears and promised to give her toys for the children in Flint Michigan if her mother promises her to get new toys.

Alyssa Milano has shared a link on her tweet that connects people who want to donate to the Toys for Tots web page. When Little Miss Flint asked for Milano is help her on birthday fundraiser Milano simply replied: “Done”.

Alyssa Milano Demands US Withdrawal From  Syria

Alyssa Milano has been actively involved in children’s welfare across the globe she recently share about Syrian children who were dying at an alarming rate owing to the war crisis and malnutrition. She encouraged her followers to call their Senators on Tuesday to vote for US withdrawal from Syria.

It was Brianna Westbrooks Who Inspired Alyssa Milano

It was activist Briana Westbrook’s to eat that got Alyssa Milano to raise a fundraiser for children in Flint. Westbrook had expressed concern for the children living in poverty in Flint Michigan. She narrated that it is disheartening how families are forced to explain to their children why they couldn’t get gifts for them over the holidays. Therefore, in response to the plight Westbrook shared on Twitter, Alyssa Milano decided to aid the cause through her Toys for Tots fundraiser.

How Twitter Reacted

Twitterati supported the efforts of Alyssa Milano. The applauded her for ensuring that no child is left gloomy, mopey and sad this Christmas. They also expressed their love for Milano’s daughter Bella. Moreover, A few fans also remarked how Bella was a xerox copy of a mother.

This isn’t the first time Alyssa Milano was political. Previously, she attended the Brett Kavanaugh hearing where Dr. Ford testified against him. She was there to support Dr. Ford and she’s an active supporter of the #MeToo movement. She even boycotted the Women March Boycott due to them not kicking out the extremist Louis Farrakhan from their campaign. She’s even earned backlash for her political activism but that doesn’t stop her from doing good in the world.

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