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Drake Wins Lawsuit Against Woman Who Accused Him of Rape

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Recently, the rapper Drake was forced to file a lawsuit against Layla Lace for civil extortion, fraud, emotional distress, abuse of process and defamation. Apparently, the woman appeared on social media to claim that Drake impregnated her. But that’s not it- she also added charges of sexual assault. In response, Drake had no option but to legally sue her. Although Drake admitted to having consensual sex with her, he was not okay with her claims of it being without her consent. Layla Lace initially launched her claims in April 2017. But it was only on Friday that the matter was legally settled between both parties. Now, the court has instructed Layla Lace to not republish any claims that she made against Drake initially. Not just that, but she has been restricted from launching allegations or insults against the rapper.

Drake Files Lawsuit Against Layla Lace

Back in April 2017, Layla Lace emerged on Instagram to accuse Drake of rape and assault. Apparently, she was pregnant and announced that Drake was the father of her unborn child. Later, she also appeared on a radio show to discuss her allegations. While speaking on air, she claimed that she knew who she slept with unprotected. And that she was 100% sure that it was Drake’s child, and that the rapper knew it too. She went further to state that Drake raped her. But even when the Manchester police cleared the rapper of all charges, Layla Lace was demanding money from him.

In September, the rapper appeared in the scene suing Layla Lace for civil extortion, fraud, emotional distress, abuse of process and defamation. In the suit, he admitted to having consensual sex with her while at a Manchester, England hotel in February 2017. He also claimed that later Layla booked a flight to see him. But when she did not get a response from the rapper who ceased all means of communication with her, she was angered and canceled the flight off.

As per the latest documents taken from the court on Friday, the case has been officially and legally settled. Drake was victorious, and the court ordered Layla Lace to not republish her claims from the 2017 Instagram post. Further, she has been restricted from passing any comments or allegations that insult the rapper. Or in fact, portray that he impregnated her, and then abandoned her. Drake and his team are apparently satisfied with the decision of the court, and not asking for anything more.

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